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Her Highness Cannabis Products Are Lit for a Queen

Her Highness Products
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Her Highness Cannabis Products Are Lit for a Queen

Her Highness founders Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard have created a luxurious line of couture cannabis products, formulated to address women’s pain and pleasure points.

Her Highness is unashamedly and fabulously female-focused. The luxurious line of cannabis lifestyle products is formulated to address women’s pain and pleasure points. They’re also designed to meet women wherever they are on their cannabis journey—from sophisticated users to those walking into a dispensary for the first time. 

Founders and friends Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard are successful entrepreneurs with a keen eye for aesthetics and a strong drive to change the narrative around female-focused cannabis products. Eisman was an early internet pioneer. In 1998, she launched Girlshop, one of the first fashion e-commerce platforms. Meanwhile, Krongard owned WallCandy Arts, a home decor company that created peel-and-stick wall art. And when it comes to cannabis, they’ve both had positive experiences using the plant recreationally and medically.  Now, the two women are teaming up to change the narrative around female cannabis consumption.

All Rise for Her Highness

Her Highness female-focused cannabis products

As Eisman watched cannabis legalization unfold, particulary in California, she began noticing a trend: No brands were addressing women. She saw a need in the market for products that spoke directly to women about life’s pleasures, which included getting high and having sex. So, in 2016 she tapped friend (and fellow cannabis lover) Krongard with the offer to help her launch a line of female-focused cannabis products. For two years, the women brainstormed how to best bring cannabis into women’s lives in a cool, sophisticated way, developing formulas and a luxurious aesthetic. Her Highness launched in 2019 with a pleasure oil and CBD line, and they haven’t looked back.

Her Highness comes from an unapologetic place where it’s okay to be glamorous, and it’s okay to have pleasure. “It is chic, and it is glamorous, and it makes you feel good,” Eisman says.

The company’s products are cannabis couture. And while they are highly covetable, they also serve a higher purpose—creating a classy range of pot products that encourage women to feel good about their cannabis consumption.

“Cannabis is marketed to men for their pleasure with high-THC products. But it’s marketed for women in more of an ‘Oh, I can use cannabis to fix myself’ message. And as a consumer myself, I really resent it,” Krongard added. “So, our message is that you can use cannabis to increase your joy and to make everything that feels good, feel better.” 

Krongard says part of their mission includes education. They want to teach women about cannabis and break the stigma around it so that “women can achieve a healthier way to take the edge off and really achieve more joy in their lives.” 

To that end, Her Highness takes a different approach with their cannabis products. While they address issues like menstrual cramps, anxiety and insomnia, Her Highness products celebrate female pleasure and the chilled-out bliss of being high. They also sell products designed for hostess gifting, so you can replace a nice bottle of wine with a beautifully packaged cannabis alternative. These kinds of female-focused products help normalize cannabis use, Kronguard explains. 

At Her Highness, it’s also the little touches that matter, like the extra-long crutches in their pre-rolls. Ladies can say goodbye to singed eyelashes or nails.

“Women spend a lot of money on their nails and lashes, and so it took a female brand to reimagine cannabis in that way,” Krongard laughs.

The thoughtfully curated range of cannabis products includes everything a weed woman needs in her life, from party packs of pre-rolls to vape pens, and even on-brand diamond-shaped mints.

Her Highness’ line of CBD products is just as luxe and includes must-haves like face oils and masks, pleasure oil and CBD-infused foot pads for high heels. They also have a covetable range of accessories and paraphernalia that includes luxurious gold grinders, marble ashtray and a glossy, cherry-red lip ashtray.

Female-focused Social Change

Left to Right: Allison Krongard and Laura Eisman.

But it’s not all gold, glitter and glamour. Eisman believes that social responsibility is one of the most important issues that the cannabis industry needs to tackle. After noticing that no one was advocating for the release of female cannabis prisoners, Her Highness partnered with The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) to find a way to help.

“We want to do more than just donate 5 or 10 percent of proceeds,” Eisman says. “So, we devised a product—our single pre-roll product with a lighter—and on the back, we feature three different women. We felt it was very important to show their faces and tell their stories—like one of our women, Stephanie, who had four ounces on her at her arrest, and she was sentenced to ten years in federal prison.”

To help women like Stephanie have successful reentry into society after being released from prison, Her Highness donates 50 percent of their LPP product sales to the women highlighted on those products.  

Puffing on Park Avenue

female-focused cannabis products by Her Highness

According to Krongard, there was always a strong cannabis scene in New York City when she was growing up. To her, the city’s move toward a legal recreational market is “freeing.” 

“Now, I will smoke a joint walking down the street, and I do not care if I pass the cop,” Krongard says. “I used to at least try and be subtle—not anymore!”

As part of their mission to change the perception of cannabis, Eisman and Krongard are planning to open a luxurious, female-centric retail store in Manhattan, which will sell Her Highness products, as well as products from other women-owned brands. 

“Cannabis will be accepted when it’s on Madison Avenue and there’s a beautiful store that’s gold and red velvet with a giant chandelier, and you can shop and learn about cannabis,” Eisman says.  “We want to create a retail space for women with our aesthetic and our mindset. We want women to feel comfortable, to go up to the counter and ask for a pleasure oil.”

Her Highness’ THC line is available in California, Massachusetts and Nevada, and they have plans to launch it in Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania later this year. The CBD line and accessories are sold online and distributed nationwide. 

Eisman and Krongard have their sights set on Her Highness being a globally recognized brand, which will begin with a launch into Canada in July 2022. 

“People often say, ‘Oh, you’re so niche.’ But really, we’re targeting 51 percent of the population,” Eisman laughs. “That’s the opposite of niche, right?”

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