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Five Ways to Spend Time With Your Ganja Mom on Mother’s Day

Five Ways to Chill With Your Ganja Mom
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Five Ways to Spend Time With Your Ganja Mom on Mother’s Day

Elevate while you celebrate with the woman who loves you more than anyone else does.

If you have plans to take your mom out for another brunch or buy her more nice earrings this Mother’s Day, it might be time to switch things up a little bit.

If you take just a second to really think about it, this woman has endured a couple of decades of your elementary school popsicle stick creations and well-meaning breakfast-in-bed attempts, not to mention the errant phone calls and cards that arrived a day late… or two. This year, try something a little different — and much more personal — by giving her the gift of cannabis. Shoot for something that’s in alignment with her lifestyle whether she utilizes cannabis for her arthritis or to help her relax on the weekends.

Obviously, if your mom’s a consumer then you could just buy her something from the dispensary and consume together — but why not be a little creative and give her a present she will remember and cherish: quality time with you. After all, you know she’s worth it.  

Make Infused Foods Together

If you don’t really get to spend a lot of quality time with your mom then you know that popping over to her place for a visit would probably mean the world to her. But don’t just sit around. Get in the kitchen and whip up something you can eat together, from an infused brunch to recipes for salad dressings. And don’t worry — if you aren’t too savvy when it comes to cooking, try something that requires less skill like a matcha latte or a smoothie. It’s the thought that counts.

Experiment With a New Product

If your mom is relatively new to cannabis consumption, she might be overwhelmed or intimidated by the range of products on the market. Help her out by showing her something cool and that she’s never tried before. If you’re not sure which direction to go, you can start by taking a look at her preferred method of consumption or some of her personal interests and go from there. If she’s into edibles, introduce her something like to cannabis-infused honey that she can add to her morning tea. Into self-care? Try a CBD-infused facial moisturizer or body lotion to keep her skin hydrated.

Update Her Paraphernalia

Whether you have noticed that it’s time for a new pipe, fancy bong or one of those vapes that comes with an app, there are lots of options to choose from — especially if your mom isn’t really in the loop when it comes to the latest pieces and tech developments. You can make a day of it by taking her dispensaries or smoke shops where you can show her new stuff and let her pick out a new piece of her choice.

Take Her on a Cannabis Tour

If you’re in a legal state, there are likely opportunities for you to book a cannabis adventure with a company that offers an experiential excursion. Some tours will take you behind-the-scenes at cultivation sites where you can see the plant up close and personal, others take you around to historical sites connected to cannabis and there are even some that just bus you from dispensary to dispensary so you can enjoy the splendors. It’s up to you whether you want to surprise her with a trip or let her pick out which tour she’d prefer.

Get a CBD-Infused Massage

There’s nothing like getting pampered on a special day, so adding in the calming, soothing benefits of CBD-infused topicals is just the cherry on top. CBD is super popular right now, so it might be possible to find a spa in your area that already offers this service. If you can’t find one, you can try asking if you can provide your own body oil for the treatment before booking. You can also opt for CBD facials or even manicures and pedicures.

TELL US, what are your Mother’s Day plans? 

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