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The Best Delta-8 Carts and Where to Buy Them

Delta-8 Carts
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The Best Delta-8 Carts and Where to Buy Them

If you’re ready to try Delta-8 carts but are feeling overwhelmed by the options, this article is for you.

Delta-8 has been swirling around the alternative cannabinoid market for a while now, and just like CBD a few years back—it’s everywhere. The problem is, how do you know what to buy? Unfortunately, one of Delta-8’s biggest draws is also one of its biggest drawbacks. Since it’s not regulated or sold through licensed dispensary channels, there happens to be a lot of snake oil on the market. So, let us guide you to the best Delta-8 carts and where you can buy them right now. 

Delta-8 THC Overview

Delta-8 THC is one of over 150 cannabinoids in cannabis. It’s one of several THC variants, though only recently has been making headlines. The most dominant cannabinoids in marijuana and hemp are Delta-9 THC and CBD. However, there are plenty more found in smaller quantities, and they all work synergistically to provide each strain’s unique properties. 

Cannabinoids also offer their own individual benefits for both recreational, medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Delta-8 is favored because of its effects, which are very similar when compared to Delta-9. However, due to its legal status, Delta-8 is much easier to come by. 

How Is Delta-8 Made?

You might be wondering why Delta-8 would need to be produced since we just mentioned that it occurs naturally. However, it occurs in such small quantities that manufacturers need a more economical way to obtain enough for infusion into products like Delta-8 carts, gummies and pre-rolls. So, lab technicians discovered a way to convert CBD into Delta-8 in a lab. Since CBD is heavily prominent in hemp, this is the perfect way to activate it into more Delta-8. 

This isn’t something you can do at home, and it’s also why you need to be especially careful when shopping online for Delta-8 carts and other products. Untrustworthy suppliers may not be dedicated to top quality, and you don’t want to smoke on anything less than exceptional.

Delta-8 Carts

Is Delta-8 Legal?

Delta-8 is legal under certain circumstances. For example, because it’s naturally occurring, you can find D8 in hemp and marijuana. If the Delta-8 comes from marijuana, it’s only legal when sold inside a dispensary. However, if it comes from hemp, it’s legal so long as it contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. 

It’s a little confusing, but its legal status is why so many people flock to this Delta-9 alternative. Not only can you buy it online and in some stores, but you don’t need a medical card, and no hefty recreational cannabis taxes are piled on top. 

Delta-8 THC Effects

While the legal status is a bonus, the effects keep people lining up for more. Delta-8 THC is psychoactive, but not as much as Delta-9. It will get you high but will have less intensity than Delta-9. This makes it an excellent starter for beginners or anyone particularly sensitive to THC. If smoking weed makes you paranoid or drowsy, try Delta-8 and enjoy a mild body high with reduced tension instead. Delta-8 has all of the feel-good effects, including euphoria, less stress, and feelings of happiness. 

Of course, everyone responds to cannabinoids differently, so it’s still recommended that you start small. Just because Delta-8 is a bit more mild, this doesn’t mean you won’t get absolutely ripped if you overindulge.

Buy The Best Delta-8 Carts And Disposables

There is so much to sift through in a Google search for the best Delta-8 carts, but we have the definitive answer: Dimo Hemp makes the highest quality, best tasting, most effective Delta-8 carts you’ll find online. Plus, they offer their test results and full transparency about their product ingredients. Here’s what they have to offer. 

Delta-8 Carts

Delta-8 Cartridges

Dimo’s premier D8 carts come in various strains you know and love. They fit onto a classic 510-threaded battery, which is not included with the purchase. 

Available Strains:

  • OG Kush
  • Gelato
  • Mimosa
  • Blue Razz Crush
  • Rainbow Crush
  • Tropical Crush
  • Orange Crush
  • Grape Crush
  • Berry Crush

Price: $19.99

Size: 1 gram delta-8 distillate

How To Buy: Shop the collection online.

Interested in trying out a mix of blended cannabinoids? Dimo offers live resin vape cartridges with Delta-8 alongside other buzz-worthy alternative cannabinoids such as HHC, HHC-P, THC-O  and THC-P. The one-gram carts are $29.99. Find them at the link above.

Delta-8 Carts

Delta-8 Disposables

If you love cartridges but prefer something even more discreet, try a Dimo disposable vape. Each one contains twice the oil in a pre-loaded, fully charged pen. It’s ready to puff the second you unpack it. You can try the disposables in all of the same great strains as the cartridges, including cannabinoid blends. 

Price: $19.99-$29.99

Size: 2-gram delta-8 distillate

How To Buy: Shop the collection online.

Blast Off With Dimo’s Delta-8

If you’re interested in trying Delta-8 carts, Dimo is the way to go. They have years of experience formulating cannabinoid blends and the result is a premier product worth buying again and again. In addition to their D8 lineup, Dimo offers plenty of pre-rolls, gummies, distillates and vape carts in other popular alternative cannabinoids. Let Dimo Hemp be your one-stop shop for all things hemp-derived cannabinoids. 

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