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Celebration Pipes

A Celebration Pipe, made of Hawaiian lava rock and plated around the bowl with 22-karat gold, next to Cannabis Now lighter, waiting to be smoked when pot is legalized.

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Celebration Pipes

If you don’t have cause to toke in celebration, you haven’t kept up with the news. Originally crafted in 1970 with the spirit of pending legalization in the air, Celebration Pipes are made with the promise of a dream realized.

Each pipe (surprisingly hefty) is shaped by hand from Hawaiian lava rock and plated around the bowl with 22-karat gold. This luxuriant coating provides more than just a stunning façade; the highly-conductive cup also ensures even heating throughout the bowl, encouraging a cleaner ash and a smoother smoke. Its stone-and-metal construction also provides the benefit of making the Celebration pipe practically indestructible.

The lack of a carb can make for a harsh smoke sometimes, especially when using a butane lighter. The editor recommends that celebratory smokers gently scour this gorgeous piece regularly with a wire pipe cleaner, keep the screen at the bottom of the bowl fresh, and ignite their bud with a coated hempwick or other low-temperature fire. This will reduce throat irritation and allow the sweet taste of gold and stone to subtly buttress the bouquet of the bud.

First appeared in Issue 6 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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