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A row of multi-color smoCan combination grinder, cleaner, and lighter keeper lay on a white background.

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The smoCAN

The smoCAN packs a number of useful features into a discreet, portable, waterproof package for the on the go user. Twisting the midsection reveals a compact grinder just wide enough to fit a few buds. When twisted onto the thread the grinder drops ground flowers into the lower chamber, which also features a screen and auxiliary chamber for catching kief. The top chamber features a mini-Bic lighter compartment, a cavity for housing a ceramic glass one-hitter pipe, and a nifty little cleaning rod.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

Extra chambers are available for purchase, creating additional room for your private reserve. We’d love a model with an included one-hitter and free-spinning grinder. This update would truly make the smoCAN the swiss army knife of cannabis tools.


First appeared in Issue 6 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

 Click here to purchase / $69.99

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