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Capsuline Inc. Flavored Gelcaps for Cannabis Oil

A young girl in need of medical marijuana poses with her mom as they hold bags of flavored CBD capsules.


Capsuline Inc. Flavored Gelcaps for Cannabis Oil

After we gave our daughter, Brave Mykayla Comstock, her first dose of cannabis oil, it became pretty clear we would have to find some way to cover the taste if we intended on continuing with oil during her treatment. The taste of cannabis oil is not pleasant—it is very pungent, the taste is earthy and grassy with a biting bitter that lingers for some time on the tongue.

Mykayla’s cannabis-taste face was unforgettable; a deep puckering with watery eyes followed by a dramatic shaking of hands and sticking out of her now green oil-stained tongue.

Learning that lesson quickly, we sought to find the most effective way to cover the taste. We thought about honey, chocolate and peanut butter. Each one of these seemed ridiculous to do twice daily for the next two to three years of her treatment. In our home we have many supplements and vitamins. Some of the nutrients come in vegetable glycerin capsules that are easy to separate and dump out. We began giving her cannabis oil inside capsules emptied of vitamin d and biotin.

A close friend introduced us to these special flavored capsules and we thought this was a fantastic idea. Soon, we had 200 bright green lime flavored 1mm capsules that held approximately a gram of oil in each.

Mykayla examined them closely, even smelling them. After the neon capsule met her standards and she had explored it to her curiosities extent, she ate it. Instead of drinking it down with water, she swished the cap around her mouth and smiled as she got the yummy citrus lime burst.

After she was done with her dose we asked her what she thought. She told us that she couldn’t taste cannabis, but the capsule made it really yummy and fun. Success was all we could think. We would no longer have to spend 20 dollars on a bottle of supplements just to dump them out and fill them with oil.
We didn’t hesitate to ask for a refill on the caps as soon as they were gone.

We were put in touch with the company that produced them, Capsuline Inc. The representative we were introduced to was kind, helpful, understanding and eager to help us. The next round of capsules we were sent was a bright assortment of fun fruit flavors that Mykayla was excited to try. Strawberry, mint, berry, orange, grape and bubblegum for the kids and they sent a sample pack of coffee flavored caps for adult patients who want to try them. Every single dose of oil Mykayla has taken since our first package came has been in these capsules, and we have no intentions of changing that.

The process we do daily is simple. We get out two flavored capsules, usually bubblegum and lime. I separate the ends and lay the large end on a postal scale, and tare out the weight of the cap. The next step is to pick up the capsule and inject the oil into the large end. I lay the cap back on the scale to ensure correct weight/ dose. Once I am satisfied with the first dose, I do the same for the second dose. We have found it fun to mix the ends of the caps to make new unique flavors.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

We recommend to everyone who asks, or is experiencing the issue of taste that they get capsules from Capsuline Inc. We give zip lock bags full of caps to other pediatric patients along with their oil. Parents all over have experienced the same benefit we have. These capsules are well received by the children who use them, the bright colors make them interesting and fun for kids, and the flavors make them palatable and easy to eat.

You can find Capsuline Inc. on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They also have a website where you can learn more about them as well as place online orders:

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