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BHOmbChelly’s Jellys

Brightly colored Bhomb Jellies infused with cannabis sit in individual cups.


BHOmbChelly’s Jellys

Goodness Gracious Gummies Galore!

A Portland, Ore., based medical marijuana infused edible company, BHOmbChelly’s Jellys has not only been producing some of the highest quality medical cannabis gummies and candies in the state, but also has been a major supporter of local pediatric cancer patients.

BHOmbChelly’s 24-year-old founder, Michelle Renee, holds a niche market, producing the treats professionally with highly potent and effective decarboxylated butane extracted honey oil, free of contaminates and residual hydrocarbons, mixed into a house created organic-vegan gummy mixture.

These jellies are a magical treat meant to give relief for patients who don’t want to or can’t smoke cannabis. The gummies are available in a wide array of flavors, ranging from crowd favorites like peach and mango, to fun blue raspberry, delicious strawberries and cream and orange creamsicle.

These tasty candies come in a variety of blends including high-CBD, high-THC and strain specific jellies. Each singular treat is rated to its own specific dosage, confirmed by lab testing done at Green Leaf Labs in the uniquely weird Portland, Oregon.

The average adult-dosed gummy is listed as 55mg. A single pack of gummies contains a trio of flower shaped gummy treats for a total of 165mg of THC, CBD or both. This gives room for dose variation between consumers, allowing them to eat as much as is needed and achieve the results wanted without an uncomfortable experience.

Many of Michelle’s patients are pediatric cannabis therapy patients. Childhood cancer fighters all over Oregon rely on her gummies to combat the side effects of their chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

These children love the easy to eat and “yummy gummies.” There is no cannabis taste present, even in the stronger doses, so the children are very receptive. Specially dosed candies are made for children, with specifically lighter dosing and sizes. When an order is filled for a child, special molds are used to ensure a smile with every one eaten—dinosaurs, butterflies and fish. Sorry grown-ups, these fun shapes are made only for pediatric cannabis patients.

Every single medible that is given to a child fighting a debilitating disease or living with a severe disability are donated free of charge and given with extra love. Michelle makes it a weekly ritual to drive to the homes of these children to personally hand-deliver the treats and spend time with the family, forging lasting relationships with the community.

BHOmbChelly’s is a very successful start-up that is thriving. The team that makes this business happen is a delightful, outgoing and energetic bunch. They spend their day hard at work in a kitchen, never denying a moment to laugh and joke as they produce the various high quality treats that so many have come to rely on. You can find the jellies at these locations in the Portland area: Woodinville Quality Collective, Tree House Collective, PDX Natural Access, and all Freedom Farmacy locations.

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