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Cannabis Community Raises Funds to Fight AIDS

Crowds March Down the Street During an Aids Walk

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Cannabis Community Raises Funds to Fight AIDS

Since 1987, AIDS Walk San Francisco has partnered with community leaders and local businesses to raise millions of dollars for HIV/AIDS programs and services in the Bay Area.

A group of activists from the San Francisco Bay Area cannabis community will join together on July 19 to raise funds during AIDS Walk San Francisco. Team Cannabis is composed of members from organizations such as Harborside Health Center, Kiva Confections and Dark Heart Nursery and raised $34,000 towards the cause last year.

According to SF Weekly, the group will also sponsor one of the event checkpoints and provide water, tents and a DJ for the event committed to fighting the disease. The group has already raised over $13,000 thus far, a number that SF Weekly reports is higher than the money raised by teams formed by the tech giants Google and Twitter.

“We’re trying to have a presence here,” Team Cannabis organizer Christopher Esposito told SF Weekly. “It’s the Gap, it’s Chevron — and it’s Team Cannabis.”

Medical marijuana’s beginnings in California centered around the AIDS crisis as activists sought relief for those who were suffering around them.

“The medical cannabis movement was forged in the fire of the AIDS crisis,” Team Cannabis says on its donation page. “The medical cannabis industry stands united in the shared spirit of service and compassion for the member-patients of our community.”

Want to give back? Register or donate to the team here.   

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