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Terpenes Get Their Day At New Competition

Photo by Taylor Kent

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Terpenes Get Their Day At New Competition

The Terps Classic is a California cannabis competition dedicated to strains and concentrates with a high terpene content.

There are lots of events around the world that celebrate cannabis from the endless list of cups and competitions that highlight the best of the best to the peace, love and buds filled festivals that bring Mary Jane lovers together from all over the world. With all the amazing things to love about cannabis and all of its multiple forms, there’s an upcoming event that seeks to honor a lesser-known and often-overlooked component of marijuana: terpenes.

The Terps Classic kicks off next weekend from August 1-2 in a secret Northern California location and features an exciting variety of categories. In addition to awards for flowers, concentrates and medibles highest in THC and CBD percentages, there will also be awards for highest and best terpenes as well. In order to enter the terpene competition, products will have to have at least a 3 percent terpene content.

Tickets are available for purchase on the event website page.

If you want to learn more about terpenes, check out this introductory video or read about it here.

What other types of cannabis competitions would you like to see?

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