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Calyx Containers Protect the Earth and Your Terps

Calyx Containers Square Jars


Calyx Containers Protect the Earth and Your Terps

Designed for conscientious cultivators and consumers alike, these new glass jars provide sustainable cannabis packaging options that will keep your flower fresh and your terps potent.

Conscientious cultivators can play their part in reducing plastic waste with Calyx Containers, a cannabis packaging company offering a wide range of eco-friendly products, all designed to be reused and recycled. 

Founded in 2016, Calyx Containers is known for creating aesthetically pleasing, child-resistant jars that keep flower, edibles and concentrates fresh. The company’s unique square mouth containers and pinch-and-pull lids keep the contents fresh while providing easy access for dexterity-impaired people. Additionally, cultivators and dispensaries can use all four sides of the jar to showcase their brand. 

The Plastic Problem

Plastic waste is the cannabis industry’s not-so-secret dirty secret. It’s been reported that for every gram of cannabis sold in the legal market, there can be as much as 70 grams of packaging waste— primarily in the form of public enemy number one: single-use plastics. And while this may be attributed to the stringent laws that control how cannabis cultivators package their retail products, it doesn’t change the devastating impact single-use plastics have on the environment. 

“Calyx believes that those of us in the cannabis industry are responsible for making smarter investments in sustainable business practices,” Anneliese Brosch, Senior Brand Manager at Calyx Containers said. “That’s why Calyx designed ournew clear and opal glass offerings with our ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ philosophy in mind.”

Calyx Containers Provide a New Alternative

Creating more sustainable packaging options that also increase their business partners’ product shelf life, preserve terpenes and elevate branding are key cornerstones for Calyx Containers. The cutting-edge manufacturing processes utilized for making the polypropylene bases and lids use single and bi-injection molds, which cuts down on waste and energy consumption. Unlike standard circular seals, which waste about 32% of the materials used, this bi-injection lid techniqueproduces zero waste materials. 

The New Glass Collection 

Calyx Containers’ new family of glass containers includes clear and opal glass products. They have several first-to-market features and have been specifically designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. The clear glass products are made from 56% recycled pharmaceutical-grade German glass, which can be recycled in communities collecting clear glass and polypropylene 5. Users can simply reuse and recycle the glass bases and plastic caps instead of having to sort and filter recyclable vs. non-recyclable portions. The caps are also coated with an organic additive that accelerates microbial breakdown should they end up in a landfill at some point during its lifecycle.

The Calyx Jar

Calyx Containers Glass jar

This resealable glass jar keeps your flower fresh for as long as possible. The Calyx Jar will extend the shelf life of retail flower items, retain terpenes and improve branding opportunities for dispensaries and wholesalers. The jar is both child-resistant and can be made tamper-evident with the use of a shrink band or sticker.

Concentrate Containers

Calyx Concentrate Containers
  • 4ml Clear Concentrate Container

A compact, square container suitable for concentrates, extracts and topicals weighing 0.5 to 1 gram. Thanks to the smaller interior geometry, less air is trapped in the jar when resealed, so the product within will stay fresh and potent.

  • 7ml Opal Concentrate Container

Ideal for concentrates, extracts and topicals, the square container’s polished glass option allows for more imaginative packaging and branding possibilities. On the other hand, the opal-colored opaque glass offers high-quality preservation terpene protection.

Cannabis Packaging Products Made With Quality In Mind

All Calyx Containers’ drams and lids are manufactured in the US, and German glass inventory is stocked state-side, so you can feel confident that you will receive quality products in a timely matter. 

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