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Calyx Containers Bring Sustainability and Safety to Cannabis Packaging

Calyx Glass Jars


Calyx Containers Bring Sustainability and Safety to Cannabis Packaging

Engineered for environmentally savvy dispensaries and cultivators alike, the US-based glass jars offer sustainable and tamper-evident packaging options ideal for companies of all sizes.

Anyone running a legal cannabis business knows just how fast the industry can change. From meeting safety and labeling regulations to staying on top of the latest licensing laws, operators are almost always on their toes. Packaging laws are no exception, and that’s why streamlining business with a reliable vendor can be such a relief. Calyx Containers, a Boston-based cannabis packaging producer, offers its partners a single United States-based point of contact that specializes in each state’s regulatory market. Its team of cannabis industry packaging and design experts work with clients from start to finish to meet their compliance needs.

Having reliable cannabis packaging in place can make all the difference when it comes to having a thriving dispensary or grow house chain. Streamlined packaging not only gives cannabis companies the confidence to go about their daily operations—it also makes filling and weighing, storing, distributing and managing inventory significantly simpler

High-Quality and Uniquely Eco-friendly

Calyx glass cannabis jars

Calyx Containers offers state-of-the-art glass jars for flower, edible and concentrate packaging, created to maximize terpene retention and product preservation. The resealable glass Calyx Jar extends the shelf life of cannabis products and offers four even sides for dispensaries and wholesalers to maximize their branding real estate. The jar is both child-resistant and can be made tamper-evident with the use of a shrink band or sticker.

For extract packaging, Calyx’s 7mL Concentrate Container features a compact, square design suitable for extracts and topicals weighing one to 1.5 grams. Its unique pinch-and-pull caps are Child-Resistant while offering easy access to consumers with limited dexterity. The smaller 4mL Clear Concentrate Container is best suited for product weighing 0.5 to 1 gram. Thanks to its smaller interior geometry, less air is trapped in the jar when resealed, and product freshness is locked in.

Calyx’s 7mL Concentrate Container comes in either clear polished glass, an opaque Opal, or a sleek Black Coated color. All three colorways offer high-quality terpene protection and preservation.

Calyx’s clear and coated glass products are made of 56% recycled pharmaceutical-grade European glass. Buyers of Calyx’s concentrate containers can also add in the company’s premium FEP-liner to eliminate the chance of product getting caught inside the lid. Calyx regularly has leading third-party labs test its containers to ensure that every single one of them delivers on the company’s promises.

“Our customers know the value in preserving their product,” said Anneliese Brosch, Director of Marketing at Calyx Containers. “They want to stand out on the shelves and delight their customers with enjoyable experiences, from sale to smoke.”

The lids are #5 recyclable. This means they can be recycled through many curbside programs and are eventually remade into signal lights, battery cables, brooms, brushes and auto battery cases, among other items. Best of all, Calyx Containers boasts compliant and certified SKU ranges to accommodate all sizes of cannabis business’ current and future needs.

“While this industry is often the antithesis of eco-friendly, Calyx Containers has designed its products based around the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ framework,” Brosch said.

Domestic Sourcing to Make Logistics Easier

The impact of COVID-19 and other foreign conflicts on the global supply chain has demonstrated yet again just how fickle sourcing from abroad can be. Thankfully, Calyx ships from the United States, allowing for faster lead times. Calyx clients need not worry about unpredictable supply chains or items being held at customs, both of which add unforeseen costs and harm businesses’ ability to operate fluidly.

Sourcing cannabis packaging from the US also creates reliable lead times so cannabis brands can source proactively in this constantly evolving industry. Calyx manufactures all of its dram containers and lids in the US, and holds all of its inventory stateside.

But it’s not just where the products come from that makes the Calyx experience unique for cannabis brands. Calyx is a dedicated packaging partner who helps ensure a strong brand presence for businesses as they scale. The packaging partner simplifies the process of juggling different operations and cannabis packaging, so companies can take the stress out of finding, vetting and transitioning to another supplier as business grows. Calyx’s labeling automation machinery is cross-compatible with the company’s square packaging, as well as other packaging shapes and sizes.

Calyx Containers is ready to help your business prepare for the next harvest and sales cycle with their top-tier cannabis packaging products, reliable US-based lead times and unbeatable client experience.

Calyx Containers

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