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The Expert’s Pick of the Best Vape Pens of 2020 (So Far)

Best Vape Pens
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The Expert’s Pick of the Best Vape Pens of 2020 (So Far)

Looking for one of the best new vape pens on the market? While there were a bunch of candidates, these three stood tall above the rest.

With 2020 almost halfway through, it’s time to reflect on the best vape pens of the last year. Veteran vapers will have noticed huge strides in pen vape technology, making for efficient sessions and easier flavor exploration. Gone are the days of having to fill a glass globe with a weird metal stick to get wax onto your atomizer! Today’s devices feature high-grade ceramic chambers or utilitarian batteries to accommodate your favorite wax, no matter the consistency.  

One of the fantastic things about the vape pens of 2020 is their versatile functionality. Once we’re all able to go out and about again, having an elite vape pen will make your first voyage outside all the more spectacular. Indoor vapers will still appreciate the power output of modern vape pens as the draws can sometimes feel as substantial as when taken from a larger portable vaporizer or e-rig

To narrow down our selections to just three of the best vape pens of 2020, we took into account style, functionality and consistency. has picked out a few newer vape pens to hit the market as well as a classic that’s been getting us through the last 12 months.

Best Vape Pens
G Pen Nova

Most Stylish Vape Pen: The G Pen Nova – Cookies Edition 

Two of the most iconic culture brands teamed up to bring you our pick for the most stylish vape pen of 2020. G Pen and Cookies SF joined forces to bring a limited-edition design to the Nova concentrate vape pen. The Cookies Edition Nova has the same elite vaporization power of the original Nova, but now in a limited-edition Cookies SF blue.  

Knowing users want some variety when it comes to flavor and cloud production, G Pen gave the Cookies Edition Nova a variable voltage battery that features 3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V options. Flavor-centric wax enthusiasts will enjoy the 3.2V end of the Nova, while those who want denser vapor will find themselves using the 3.9V option. The best of both voltages can be found by using the 3.5V, which strikes a fantastic balance between taste and throat feel. 

Best Vape Pens
Boundless Terp Pen 

Best “No Frills” Vape Pen: The Boundless Terp Pen 

If you’re looking for a vape pen that produces huge clouds without much fuss, the Boundless Terp Pen needs to be in your pocket. This is the fastest heating vape pen we’ve seen in a while, and the cloud production is close to that of a desktop unit — all in the palm of your hand. Boundless made the Terp Pen a collector style of vape pen, although you do need to carry material with you, is very easy to use and produces so much vapor you rarely need to double-dip into your wax. 

One of the things that helped the Boundless Terp Pen make this list is its functionality and durability. Auto-draw technology heats the ceramic coil as soon as you pull, instantly vaporizing your material to produce substantial vapor. This is a button-less vape pen, so there really isn’t a learning curve if you’re a new vaper looking for a reliable device. The stainless steel construction helps withstand drops and tumbles, while the low-key design and color don’t draw any unwanted attention your way. 

Best Vape Pens
HoneyStick Elf 

Best Everyday Vape Pen: The HoneyStick Elf  

For the best everyday vape pen, we went with a legacy pick. The HoneyStick Elf is still one of the most used vape pens out there – despite being considered an “older” model and having a shape that’s not exactly pen-style – thanks to its versatility, ease-of-use and pleasing aesthetic. HoneyStick satisfies both branded cartridge users and those who want to fill their own by providing empty tanks and extra magnetic adaptors for your favorite 510 cartridges. 

The 3.7V auto-draw battery of the Elf starts working as soon as you inhale and delivers a nice balance of flavor-to-cloud-density. Since the battery of the Elf is placed next to your vape cartridge as opposed to under, HoneyStick was able to make the Elf fit easily inside your palm while in-use. The battery life of the device is top-tier and will stay powered throughout your commute, hike, or wherever you’re enjoying your wax. 

If you’re looking to snag one of these elite devices, check out’s selection of the best vape pens and any additional accessories you might need. 

Here’s to more innovation in 2021! 

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