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420 Events to Celebrate the Holiday

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Industry Events

420 Events to Celebrate the Holiday

Here’s a rundown of some of the events taking place across the nation which made our holiday hit list this year.

Happy four-twenty!”

With these words, or something like them, millions of cannabis smokers light up at 4:20 p.m. every day. And on or around April 20, every year, marijuana aficionados round the world congregate en masse to celebrate our beloved plant while protesting the laws against it.

The origin of the 420 tradition is the stuff of legend. “It’s police code for a marijuana bust in progress,” some will tell you. “It’s a few minutes after San Rafael High School let out back in the ’70s, when a bunch of kids would light up together,” others will testify.

Regardless of its origins, today 420 is code for all things cannabis, from good old-fashioned pot-smoking, to sporting events like The 420 Games.


New England Cannabis Convention

Patients, advocates, businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, educators and consumers will gather to connect, learn and grow — and pay homage to all-things cannabis. The convention was conceived during a discussion lamenting the lack of an established resource hub for the rapidly expanding medical marijuana industry in New England. Go Mass!

What: Cannabis conference
When: April 23-24
Where: Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: $15


Gathering at Hippie Hill

Officially one of the most unofficial gatherings in San Francisco, this ginormous smoke-out calls for local law enforcement to turn a blind eye to the massive cloud of smoke hovering over Golden Gate Park.

What: Giant smoke-out
When: April 20, 4:20 p.m.
Where: Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Cost: Free

Altered State: Marijuana in California

Be you expert, activist or recreational participant, come speak your piece of mind about pot at this cool interactive exhibit.

What: Exhibit
When: April 16 – Sept. 25
Where: Oakland Museum of California
Cost: $4.20 on April 20; beyond, $0-$16

420 Event with Steve Hager and Friends

Not only will there be a helluva lotta cream-of-the-crop Bay Area musicians jammin’, but writer, filmmaker and cannabis activist Steve Hager will be revealing some tasty new information at this first-ever 420 event at Phil Lesh’s joint.

What: Banquet, open bar, live music
When: April 19
Where: Terrapin Crossroads
Cost: $100


3rd Annual Merry Jane Wellness Retreat

For the third-consecutive year, this promises to be a magical night full of music, memories in the making, weed and, well, Snoop Dogg. Need we say more?

What: Cannabis-infused concert
When: April 20
Where: Greenwood Village, Colorado
Cost: $35-$85

First Official Colorado Cup on 420

Vote! Not for president yet, but for your favorite strain in the running at this new event. Also, submit your own edible, flower or concentrate to win stellar prizes in each category.

What: Competition for Colorado growers
When: April 20
Where: Denver, Colorado
Cost: Free

World Cannabis Week – Main Hub

Denver is packed to the ganja gills with goings-on this week. Here’s a massive dose of links on where to go, where, when, and — why? Cuz weed is the main event!

What: Cannabis celebration
When: April 15-21
Where: Denver, Colorado
Cost: Varies


SweetWater 420 Fest & 5K Road Race

This 12th annual festival merges music, entertainment, food, beer, art and culture for a weekend-long, jam-packed bash. There’s even comedy and a disco! A foot race kicks of the festivities. Atlanta’s up for a wild weekend as Kid Rock, Ben Harper, Ludacris, Cypress Hill and a ton of other sick artists hit the stage.

What: Festival & Race; The Roots, Kid Rock, et al
When: April 22-24; Race, April 23
Where: Atlanta, Georgia
Cost: $60-$375


Party to Legalize 420

Hockey and hookahs? Four-time Stanley Cup winner, hockey player Darren McCarty, will be in the house, as he’s a huge cannabis advocate, and he’ll sign anything you bring. And, as the promo boasts, there will be “hors d’oeuvres, speakers and fun!”

What: Fundraiser
When: April 20
Where: Detroit, Michigan
Cost: $25


420 Marley/Folk Fest

Ten bucks gets you in (and supports legalizing your fave plant) at this Tennessee benefit concert featuring music by Roots of Rebellion, The LTG, CoolHead and a bunch more. And if you can’t afford $10? Aw, heck, they’ll let you in for free.

What: Benefit concert for TN Norml Chapter
When: April 20
Where: Nashville, Tennessee
Cost: $0-$10


Reefer Madness Reunion Concert

Rad! This is a concert version of “Reefer Madness”celebrating the 10th anniversary of the hit Showtime movie. Original cast members and special guest stars will be there for the show, which promises to “melt your resistance down like hot Velveeta.”

What: Celebration to decriminalize/Reunion concert
When: April 19-20
Where: New York, New York
Cost: $42-$100


420 Party at Refuge

Come puff to your heart’s delight at this Portland party. There will be a joint-rolling competition, a wide-array of refreshments and a super-chill crowd of regulars.

What: Outdoor celebration
When: April 20
Where: Portland, Oregon
Cost: $20

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference

The first and most successful cannabis industry conference in Oregon, the OMBC combines business, politics, activism and culture unlike any other event in the state. And Chong is in the house, yo!

What: Conference — featuring Tommy Chong
When: April 24
Where: Eugene, Oregon
Cost: $100-$300


Four20 Cannafest

YeeHaw! If you’re down Texas way, attending this event is a no-brainer, if only because the name of the joint is so rad: Smoking Skull Hookah Lounge! Celebrate the cannabis culture with country flare. There will be food trucks, vendors and live music.

What: Dispensary outdoor celebration
When: April 23
Where: El Paso, Texas
Cost: $5


Cannijuana Friends 4/20

Come march to the beat of legalizing medical marijuana — in front of the White House, people! Get your pot-politics on!

What: Peaceful march
When: April 20
Where: Washington, DC
Cost: Free

Where are you celebrating this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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