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Under Great Lights Hosts 420 House Concerts

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Under Great Lights Hosts 420 House Concerts

These shows — each a close, cozy affair — provide an opportunity to connect with Shuttleworth and explore the meaningful messages behind his infectious lyrics and melodic vocals.

Gathering together with a musical artist for a social smoke session before a performance provides a wholly different level of connecting with the music. Complete with an intimate, organic vibe Under Great Lights, otherwise known as Nashville-based artist Brent Shuttleworth, is traveling across the nation performing traditional shows and hosting a series of 420 House Concerts.

A young artist on the rise, Shuttleworth’s low-key vibe and passion for his art comes across in these mellow performances hosted by O2 Records. At a 420 House Concert attendees get the chance to get personally acquainted with Under Great Lights and gain a real feel for the music. The concerts are held for groups as small as 30 people or as large as 160.

“Music is often been a catalyst for social change,” organizers explain. “The 420 House Concerts endeavors to bring like-minded people together who believe in equality, humanity and social justice for all to enjoy each others’ company and an intimate and personal experience with real artists and live music.”

Scot McCracken, the CEO of O2 Records, helps to flush out this idea further stating his hope is for these events is “creating an environment for advocacy to exist.” The 420 House Concerts, he says, offer a space to both enjoy the togetherness that music can bring as well as speak about advocacy in the cannabis community.

You can enter to win your own free 420 House Concert here.

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