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Editor’s Pick: Pulse Glass

Four Double Showerhead Nanos by Pulse glass stand side by side on a white background.

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Editor’s Pick: Pulse Glass

We here at Cannabis Now knew that wonderful experiences awaited us upon our fiery acquaintances with these achingly beautiful bongs. Yet we hesitated. It felt wrong, somehow, to use them. We could feel the seductive pull of obsessive cleanings (fortunately, we’re well stocked in Kleen Green Gold).

Finally we gave in. The “Double Showerhead Nano” looms, despite its name, far larger than life. It hits, in the words of our editor, “like Mike Tyson.” But even before packing its handpinched glass bowl, its beauties sucked us in: just filling its three chambers with water is a joy to behold. Its multi-slit downstem breaks the smoke bubbles up before they are drawn up to the middle percolator chamber, diffusing the smoke into countless bubbles. The smaller bubbles cool faster as they flow up into the final chamber, which features a thoughtful splashguard which prevented bong water from hitting the lips. Our intrepid tester, failing to appreciate just how effective the Nano’s cooling design could be, didn’t realize he took a hit about three times bigger than intended until he lay doubled on the floor. Use carefully.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

The “Gridded Tongue Vapor” looks tiny compared to the “Nano” but it packs quite a punch all its own. Built especially to deliver a high-class concentrate experience, the Vapor presents a carefully crafted delivery for kief, hash, or oil. Its elegant design provides a glass “nail” with a concave top where the discerning aficionado can place the concentrate. The “nail” rests on a ridge with five slender slits, through which the pull draws the delicate smoke. The nail is shielded by a handled tube. After heating up the nail (the German Schott glass can take a lot of fire!), the giddy user places a pinch of delicate concentrate on top of the nail; the oil vapor bubbles through a gridded tongue submerged halfway below the waterline, and a curved neck brings the massaged vapor directly to the lucky toker’s lips. For cannabis connoisseurs with high tolerance levels, the Gridded Tongue Vapor combined with a top-shelf concentrate can bring back the magic of those first heady days.

Pulse Glass  was our editor’s pick in Issue 5 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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