Product Review: Jane West x Grav – The Beaker

The deep cobalt blue of this bong from the Jane West Collection is a classic glassware color that takes this piece straight into the sophisticated smoking space. Created by Grav Labs, this bong is a sleek scientific companion that’s worthy of the frostiest buds out of your carefully curated cannabis collection. Standing at 10” tall, this piece provides full satisfying hits without the added lung fatigue that comes from say, hitting the eight-footer in a friend’s dorm room. That’s because this bong has been crafted for the smokers among us who like to elevate and honor our relationship with the flower. This bong feels like grown-up glass. Embrace understated elegance by pulling another rip off of it at your next social affair.

Jane West x GRAV – The Beaker


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  1. Jonathan King

    November 18, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    You call this a review? Where is the service information? This bong is a “sleek scientific companion”? WTF does that mean? This is the kind of ludicrous freebie logroll that keeps cannabis-focused sites from being taken seriously by, what shall we call them — readers? Jeeps, I can spell — throw some of that swag my way.

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