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The 100 Best Dispensaries

A Graphic saying "The 100 Best" heads the list of Cannabis Now's best dispensaries.


The 100 Best Dispensaries

As the legalization “adult use” or recreational marijuana consumption spreads across the nation, the cannabis retail landscape is changing. Once a novelty, “pot shops” are now a widespread phenomenon, with two basic types: recreational and medical. In the most basic terms, recreational cannabis is available to all adults over a certain age (usually 21) and medical is limited to certain individuals who meet medical criteria (that varies radically from state to state) and have a card or document confirming their patient status.

 In some states like Colorado, medical and recreational cannabis are sold side by side in the same shops, with different tax structures governing their sale. Other states, like California, still only have medical dispensaries, even though adult use (over 21 years of age) is now legal statewide. So you can legally smoke in California, but you won’t be able to visit a dispensary without a “medical recommendation.” In other states, including Nevada, medical dispensaries practice “reciprocity” (meaning they honor out of state medical recs) and the state also has adult use retail options.

 Wherever you go, check the local laws and don’t hesitate to call ahead before attempting a visit at any of these excellent dispensaries.


Arctic Herbery recreational


Tru Med medical

Herbal Wellness Center medical

Monarch medical

Bloom Phoenix Dispensary medical

Nature’s AZ Medicines medical

Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale medical

Harvest of Arizona medical

Nature’s Medicines medical

AZ Natural Selections medical


Tahoe Wellness medical

Buds and Roses medical

The Apothecarium medical

Emerald Pharms medical

SPARC medical

Airfield Supply Co. medical

BPG medical

Magnolia Wellness medical

Harborside medical

Cookies SF medical

Urban Pharm medical

GreenWolf LA medical

Garden of Eden medical

Barbary Coast medical

The Green Easy medical

The Green Door medical

The Green Cross medical

Humboldt Patient Resource Center medical

Phytologie medical

CBCB medical


Lightshade medical/recreational

Botanico recreational

Prefered Organic Therapy medical/recreational

Infinite Wellness Center medical/recreational

Medicine Man medical/recreational

Native Roots medical/recreational

Euflora recreational

The Clinic medical/recreational

Silverpeak Apothecary recreational

Good Chemistry recreational

Kind Love medical/recreational

Alternative Medicine of Capitol Hill medical/recreational

MiNDFUL medical/recreational

The Green Solution medical/recreational

Frosted Leaf  medical/recreational


Compassionate Care Center of CT medical


Modern Cannabis medical

Innovative Express Care medical

Dispensary 33 medical


Wellness Connection of Maine medical

Canuvo medical


New England Treatment Access medical


The Reef Detroit medical

People’s Choice medical

Bloom City Club medical

House of Dank medical

Ann Arbor Wellness Center medical


The Grove medical

Las Vegas Releaf medical

Show Grow Las Vegas medical

Inyo Fine Cannabis medical

The Source Las Vegas medical

Oasis Medical Cannabis medical

The Apothecary Shoppe medical

Reef Dispensaries medical

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace medical

Essence medical

New Mexico

Minerva medical

Sacred Garden medical

Med Zen Services Inc medical


Farma medical/recreational

Oregon’s Finest medical/recreational

Rose City Wellness Center medical/recreational

High Quality Compassion medical/recreational

TLC Cannabis Emporium medical/recreational

Bridge City Collective medical/recreational

Cannabliss medical/recreational

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis medical/recreational

Cannadaddy’s medical/recreational

Eugene OG medical/recreational

Amazon Organics medical/recreational

Home Grown Apothecary recreational

Jayne recreational

Vessel medical/recreational

Nectar medical/recreational

Rhode Island

Thomas C Slater Compassion Center medical


Paper & Leaf recreational

Ponder medical/recreational

Evergreen Market medical/recreational

Pot Shop Seattle recreational

Herban Legends recreational

Dockside Cannabis medical/recreational

Clutch Cannabis recreational

Clear Choice Cannabis recreational

Buddy’s medical/recreational

Cannabis and Glass recreational

Have a Heart recreational

Ganja Goddess Washington recreational

Washington DC

Capital City Care medical

This was originally published in Issue 24 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE






  1. Melissa

    November 25, 2017 at 7:18 am

    I was wondering where your statistics come from? This is just my opinion but Canuvo in Biddeford, Maine LMAO I couldn’t believe they got an award for this year!!! I have been a patient for a little over a month now. I have gotten a different kind everytime, sativa, indica and hybrid. What I am noticing is they all have this distinctive taste and its not a good one. The best way to describe is mildew. It tastes like mildew all of it. Also their products are very dry. From my experience with growing it seems like they r rushing it out and not spending the necessary quality time marijauna plants need. Also I think they r over priced. They also dont have much of a selection. 3 sativas, 3 indicas, and like 10 hybrids. No oil. And complimentary joints on friday that taste like shit and dont do shit. Im actually gonna check out another dispensary next time. This one is no good. I could grow better weed on my window sill!!!

  2. James Weed

    August 6, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    you missed Weed Plant Clinic in Baltimore, MD. check it our its worth the time. they got good quality and online services that ship to many states discreetly.

  3. TwoWolves

    June 18, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    You missed the diamond of Northern California, Mount Shasta Patient’s Collective, in Mt. Shasta, CA. Their sungrown flowers, nearly all the time, can shut down other city’s indoor flower. Don’t even get me started on the Indoor flower they have. They are, hands down, a Class Act, when it comes to your medical needs. The Staff, from top to newer employees, listen to your needs, and direct you to the best remedy for what ails you. All in a very kind, and professional manner.
    Had you found this gem in NorCal, they would be in the top five in California, if not the west coast.

  4. Jeff S.

    May 9, 2017 at 3:49 am

    I am an original first 500 patients in Connecticut, The Healing Corner in Bristol Connecticut deserves your spotlight. Give them a contact or call and you will instantly conclude my sentiments are spot on. The staff is crazy knowledgeable about molecular THC, CBD from a documented scientists level. Always a perfect happy positive atmosphere within its walls. They truly deserve a closer look. Thank you for your time.

  5. Lou B.

    May 1, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Compassionate Care Center in Connecticut should not be on this list. The place is run poorly and overpriced.

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