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Vaped: Micro Vape v3

Vaped Box, Vaporizer, Mini Vape, and Cleaner
Gracie Malley/Cannabis Now


Vaped: Micro Vape v3

In a world dripping with wax, the Micro Vape is straight swag.

A sturdy weight in the hand, the Micro Vapecomes in a case packed with bonuses that set this model apart from the myriad of other portable vaporizers on the market. The Micro Vape comes charged right out of the case and instructions for use are simple: click the button five times to activate, remove the mouthpiece to apply your “essential oil” – we suggest a waxy Corleone Kush – place the mouthpiece back on and press the button to begin to vape.

The accessories that come with the Micro Vape are what bring this pen to the next level. The dab tool included is absolutely essential, the suction cup holder is a novel way to store the pen upright and ready for use and the glass globe attachment gets more amazing the more it’s used. Using the globe attachment the vapor rises and gathers like fortune teller’s crystal ball. The Micro Vape is both smooth and hard hitting and is a solid choice for vapes on the scene.

$79.99 / Click here to purchase

Originally published in issue 13 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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