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Dank Dads: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

Photo courtesy Drug Policy Alliance


Dank Dads: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every year we get a chance to honor and celebrate the people in our lives that have helped make us who we are whenever they have a birthday, but there’s something special about a day reserved especially for the people who literally made us.

Whether it’s a biological dad,  a loving stepdad that has made a difference or another person in your life who has taken on the monumental task of being a father figure, there’s no debate that gifts are definitely in order.

Check out these products below to pick out the best fit for your father.

Randy Root’s Rolling Papers

Your dad’s lungs will be eternally grateful or after they’ve tried these organic, vegan and unbleached hemp rolling papers that are purposely thinner than the standard papers most commonly used. Also, thanks to a stainless steel wire built into the paper, he’ll be able to have support while rolling up a steady base for the joint when it’s smoked.

CloudV Phantom

If your dad is in the market for a practical, dry-herb vape pen, the CloudV is a solid buy. It’s a straightforward vaporizer that’s sleek, sturdy, easy to clean and simple to operate – plus, it’s small enough for him to carry around and enjoy discreetly while he’s on the go.

Grassroots California Hats

Keep pops fashionable with an accessory that lets the world know which side he’s on. From the immaculate stitching to beautiful designs, these hats are a good for summer hangouts, beautiful hikes and running errands on the weekend.

Dime Bags

Give your traveling dad something he can take with him wherever he goes. This company offers options for the smoker on-the-go. The convertible backpack comes with removable padding that fits almost any bong and the brands’s continual evolution has resulted in a duffle selection ideal for dab rigs.

The Culture High

Sit back, relax and spend some quality time with dad watching a documentary introduced during an important time in social and legal history. It highlights how collective action inspired social change and shifted the tides of America’s War on Drugs.

Highly Educated DualiTi Domeless Nail
Dads dab, too, and this domeless DualiTi nail by Highly Educated is regarded as one of the best on the market. The nail is made of titanium, an element found in the crust of the Earth as well as the sun and stars, and helps make dabbing a super smooth experience. It’s worth springing for – your dad deserves it!

Elite Series Oven by Across International
This gift is reserved for the dads who are deep in the cannabis game and are looking to step up their shatter to a beyond-professional level. This 4.4-cubic-foot oven is medical grade for the series professional, with updates and upgrades that make it the best of its kind. It has five-sided heating, stainless steel handles and hinges, an extremely accurate thermometer, tight seals and more than twice the room of the previous models.

Pilcher’s Marijuana Miscellany

The cute, little book emblazoned with an inlayed cannabis leaf design looks simple and unassuming — almost plain — from the outside, but inside it’s overflowing with tidbits, tips, techniques and trivia. Your father will enjoy the bevy of recipes, tutorials, anecdotes, quotes, lists, historical lore, illustrations and more with topics ranging from music to literature to religion and beyond.

Dabwiser Rig
The “Daily Driver” rig from Dabwiser is an awesome choice for the dad that’s a little more than curious about concentrates. Get him started off right with this beautifully-designed piece crafted from thick, solid glass that comes with a titanium carb cap and dab tool.


Made of healthcare grade American-made silicon, the Roll-Uh-Bowl is completely collapsible and is held together with its downstem and anodized alloy bowl via a plastic band when not in use. This gift is good for the dad who likes to be on the move and is a perfect, space-saving travel accessory for campers this summer.

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