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Trick or Terps: 10 Strains for Halloweed

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Trick or Terps: 10 Strains for Halloweed

These spookily good strains will guarantee you a ghoulishly great night.

It’s Halloween! Get out your best costume and prepare yourself for a night of good, old ghoulish fun – if that’s your type of thing – or settle down into your 24-hour horror movie marathon while you puff of some of these holiday-worthy strains.

1. White Nightmare

Blue Dream meets White Moonshine in this crystal-covered strain that will leave you feeling blissed out and relaxed. The sativa-dominant hybrid has a sweet, berry smell with an earthy flavor profile and can keep your mood elevated all night long.

2. Ghost OG

This indica-dominant hybrid is known for relieving chronic pain and may be a good option if you need some help getting out of the door due to some achy muscles or worse. It provides a nice, balanced high that is intense but not overwhelming, making Ghost OG a suitable strain for people with high tolerances. But, still, take it easy.

3. Midnight

High in CBD, Midnight is an uplifting and invigorating strain that will have you feeling ready to face a scary world of zombies, goblins and Trump supporters for a night. It’s good for smoking during the day, so you can still have a session if you have plans while the sun is out.

4. Sweet Tooth

Skip the sugar high and get your happy fix with this sativa that will have you feeling euphoric. Need help with a last minute costume idea? Sweet Tooth will also boost your creativity and may be just what you need to come up with the perfect way to pull your look together.

5. Orange Kush

Pay homage to one of the traditional holiday colors with a potent indica that’s perfect for the end of a busy night. Like the name suggests, the dense buds are often covered in orange hairs and it also has a citrus flavor when smoked. If you need to wind down, Orange Kush is your go-to strain for deep body relaxation, relief from insomnia and symptoms of depression.

6. Jock Horror

Got an evening full to the brim with activities? This sativa-dominant strain will go hand-in-hand with your overflowing and demanding datebook and keep your mood elevated while you bounce from party to party.

7. Night Terror OG

If holidays (even the commercial, candy-filled ones) make you antsy, this indica strain will help you out by relieving stress and anxiety. Despite its suggestive name, it provides a calming high that relaxes the body while invigorating the mind.

8. Candyland

This crystal-covered strain is highly stimulating and tastes just as sweet as it sounds. Enjoy a happy high that may induce a few giggles and keep a smile on your face all night. If you prefer the cerebral effects of an uncomplicated sativa, Candyland is a great option.

9. Frankenstein

Fruity, citrusy and pungent, this strain is for those with a high tolerance who like to feel super mellow and mega stoned. Don’t make any plans to do much more than chill at home – this indica is true to it’s name and will have you happy, hungry and very sleepy.

10. Dutch Treat

No tricks for you, just a straightforward hybrid strain that will lift your spirits, improve your mood and calm you down all at the same time. With dense, sticky buds and a popular reputation among coffeeshops in Amsterdam, this strain is sure to please.

What strains are smoking this Halloween? Tell us in the comments.

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