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The Ultimate (Last Minute) Stash Stuffers Guide

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The Ultimate (Last Minute) Stash Stuffers Guide

The Ultimate (Last Minute) Stash Stuffers Guide

If you haven’t already handled your holiday shopping you’re almost out of time! No worries, Cannabis Now has the perfect gift guide for the all the bud lovers in your life. Our gift guide will have you ringing in the new year in stoney style.

And for the cannabis enthusiast who already has everything, give the gift that keeps on giving — a subscription to Cannabis Now Magazine.


Cannabis flowers: the source of all things cannabis.

Diamond Cut Co Classic 3½” Lifestyle Herb Scissors — $12

In the days before pressed aluminum, scissors were the go to grinding tool of choice. Diamond Cut Co. has produced a new variation to help us connect with the heads of the past.

Chikamasa B500SKF Antibacterial Trim Scissors — $29.95

What do you buy the buddy who grows top shelf cannabis four times a year? The El Capitan trimming scissors of course! The antibacterial line from Japanese blade artisans Chikamasas will let them know you care about their art.

Cookies Tray 2.0 — $20

One of the best brands in the industry when it comes to style and strains, The Cookie Fam now want to roll your joints for you also.

Cookies SF is famous for their weed, and now you can break up and roll up yours on their tray.

Mendo Mulcher Grinder — $18.39

Machined from billet aluminum 6061-T6 bar stock in the hills of Mendocino County, California, Mendo Mulchers have long-graced the coffee tables of some of the greatest cannabis growers in the world.

Small Two-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder — $23

The perfect for grinding up personal bowls or joints, Santa Cruz Shredder’s small-two piece will last a lifetime. Made of scratch-proof anodized aluminum, with autoCAD optimized teeth and rare earth magnets. Comes in collectible colors and collaborations.

Raw Supernatural 12′ Rolling paper — $5.49

This is the party paper for the list. Rage on friend, this joint will be able to hold many of your cannabis dreams. If not there’s 12 in the pack.

If you're trying to roll natural, you want to roll Raw papers. Elevate Accessories – Wood Blunt tip — $20

Hard woods are always in, it even smells good. Class up your blunts a bit with these fantastic wooden blunt tips from Denver’s Elevate Accessories.

Shine Papers Woven 24K Blunt — $20

The forces that be can’t hold cannabis back anymore, and they can’t stop us from making our blunt wraps out of gold either. That’s just how capitalism works.

High Note — $18.00

Hold me close, tiny saxophone. With this fun item, the world’s tiniest saxophone pipe is playing just for you. Pull this itty bitty cannabis companion closer, to your lips and bring on the smooth grooves.


Dabs: the cornerstone of the sesh scene.

Highly Educated Keychain Dabber — $22

Less harmful than a keychain bottle opener — this leading keychain dabber is made from titanium and available in four colors, with ballpoint or flathead dab tools on the end.

Mothership X Oil Slick Pad — $24.99

Mothership’s dab rigs can start at $6,000. Or instead, you can gift their decorative slick pad collaboration with Oil Slick and save the change for a bomb trip to Hawaii.

Oil Slick Slick Ball — $25

Silicone has changed the way we store high end concentrates over the years, make sure your game is up to par with these extremely affordable must have containers.

You need a container to keep your concentrates. Slick ball is the one to have.

R Series Micro Torch — $21.99

A solid backup torch, or if you’re looking for something light to hit the trail with.

Persian Rug Glass Mat MMJCO — $24.99

Perfect for tying his or her dab bar together, this black glass mat is a mini Persian Rug doubles as an elegant display, and a bit of no-slip protection of glass from hard table surfaces.

Just a classy little mat for your rig to sit on.

The Miyagi Rig Rag — $5

Gets your globs on like Danielson. Inspired by the legendary Pat Morita, this essential rag will get the wax off all the tools of your trade.

Hitman Glass Hash Wallet — $10

Good hash melts. Protect your bro-bro’s finely curated selection with an affordable leather shatter case from Hitman himself.


There's no place like home, and home is where the cannabis is.

Cannaflage Playing Cards — $20

So granddad likes to smoke joints and play solitaire? Boy do we have the gift for him. He’ll be able to hunt for that missing ten in style as his cards match his mindset.

Pulsar Tap Tray — $16.99

A pick from the Glassheads on Reddit, Pulsar has produced a highly functional ashtray for the dynamic cannisseur. It’s more an organization center with a few roaches in the middle.

SmokeBuddy Original Personal Air Filter — $19.99

Stuck in one of those places you still have to keep your cannabis use private? Have no fear, the smokebuddy is here to help protect your freedom and peace of mind.

 If you remember making a "hello neighbor" with a paper tube and dryer sheets, you already know what it is.

Universal Cleaning Cap for Bongs — $14.99

Cleaning your tubes can be a mess. These caps will help keep things clean while making last months resin build up a thing of the past.

Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x Power LED Lighted Pocket Microscope (MM-300) — $9.99

Help your friends grow better bud with this handy trichome analyzer. That way, you can be genuinely stoked when they insist you try it.

Pelican 1050 Micro Case — $22.25

Pelican protects the most expensive glass art in America, and their micro is perfect for anything that fits in it, like that sweet new glass spoon or pendant.

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