Jimi Devine’s Top Shelf Holiday Hit List

Jimi D brings that hypest of all hype for the holidays.

Cannabis Now Staff Writer Jimi Devine is the grand marshal of this year’s holiday hit parade. Check his list of seasonal-themed strains he’ll be spinning up into his baton blunt this winter — the top shelf elf in your life will thank you.

What? It’s that time of year where we celebrate a 2,400-year-old Roman holiday but claim it’s all about the baby Jesus. Fantastic.

I don’t care if your family takes an axe to the woods on Black Friday, we got the real list of best Christmas trees right here! If your yule log is a backwoods you’re in luck — any of these strains will be a fantastic option to hype up the holidays.

Christmas is all about the classics, and we’re sure you’ll recognize some of these holiday hitters. Nevertheless, like your 86th trip back to Nakatomi Plaza, something feels so right about seeing them again this time of year.

Personally, I’m kind of like the cash register from Miracle on 34th Street: an angel gets its wings every time my bell gets rung.

Northern Lights #5

As the Aurora Borealis lights the windows of Santa’s workshop, Northern Lights #5 is also getting things lit. NL #5, as it is affectionately called by old school aficionados, has long been considered a legend, and British Columbia Seed Company has been perfecting their version for 25 years.

All Star Jack Frost

A long time Bay Area celebrity, it is the lone strain ever to win Strain of the Year back to back from respected Oakland publication the East Bay Express. The super Sativa will give you the ability to destroy massive quantities of holiday ham, but you have to believe in yourself.


There are so many great options for Santa this year — I’m personally a fan of that original SF cut, before the bagseed hit the world. I could see Santa not putting you on the bad list if you were to leave out the Tahoe or Platinum Cookies variations, but once you get past there it starts to get a bit questionable.


What is a true Christmas dinner with the family that doesn’t have pudding after? A joke! That simply will not fly, and thanks to the folks at Happy Little Treez, it won’t have to. You and grandma will be sitting down to a joint of only the finest Girl Scout Cookie x Starkiller cross. Starkiller features a fantastic genetic lineage including Ghost OG and Skywalker OG.

Kosher Kush

Can’t leave the tribe out! Kosher Kush is a fantastic offering from DNA genetics that is sure to keep you lifted for eight crazy nights. Originally only available in clone, it’s now available to the masses. It’s won cups in four countries and placed on the ultra-competitive NorCal cup circuit.

God’s Gift

I picked this one strictly for materialistic purposes. No matter your theological leanings, you can’t argue how dope it was to wake up and see a pile of gifts under the tree as a kid. The piles of wrapping paper, the hungover grandmother —  few things encompass our capitalist society’s view on the holiday quite like the joy we get from our loved ones and friends… giving us free stuff.

For my deeper look into this classic Purple and OG Kush cross, check out issue 23 of Cannabis Now Magazine, on newsstands now.

TELL US, what will you be smoking on this holiday season?

Jimi Devine has been involved in cannabis reform since 2005 and has worked in the Berkeley cannabis industry since 2009 when he moved to California from Lynn, Massachusetts. Currently serving as Staff Writer here at Cannabis Now, you can also find his writings on cannabis products and policy in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Hill, The Chronicle of High Education, GreenState.com, Marijuana.com, 7x7 Magazine, and in Ed Rosenthal's most recent book This Bud's for You. Jimi has a BA in Journalism and Media Studies from Franklin Pierce University.

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  1. Alan Reeves

    December 26, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Such a brilliant and informative piece. I am in the UK so where can I get the appropriate strain and know that I’m not being conned ?

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