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The Leira Cannagar Is The Champagne Of Cannabis

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The Leira Cannagar Is The Champagne Of Cannabis

High-end cannabis products like the Leira cannagar signifies a hugely positive shift for the cannabis community.

The idea of a high-class pot smoker is a relatively foreign concept to most people; we’ve had the stoner stereotype drilled into our heads for decades.

Just like with alcohol and tobacco, there is a market for luxury cannabis products. Similar to the bottle of scotch worth a few hundred dollars, or the fancy cuban cigar, the Leira cannagar aims to be the cannabis industry’s ultimate luxury.

“My goal is to revolutionize and create a high-end market for the marijuana industry.” – Ariel Payopay, Founder of Leira.

Ariel Payopay, founder of Leira, walks through the process of creating one of his cannagars. Each one is hand-rolled in about an hour and set aside to cure for a minimum of 1-month before its ready for sale.

Leira’s most popular cannagar is the 6” Corona, consisting of 9.5 – 10 grams of top-shelf bud, covered in 3 grams of a solvent-free cannabis extract known as rosin oil, and finally wrapped up with pure cannabis leaves.

Ariel will be the first to admit that he didn’t dream up the idea of the cannagar.

“I saw my first cannagar on Instagram from afgoo head and I was blown away from his art of rolling,” he says.

Using Instagram as his inspiration, Ariel took the idea of the cannagar and refined it. There was one major problem with all of the cannabis cigars he came across, they had a very rough look because they were tightly bound with string while curing.

“I wanted to get away from using string to tie the buds together… the string gave the edges a rough texture,” said Ariel. “I wanted to mimic the clean look of the current tobacco cigars so I figured out how to make the cores faster and cleaner and wrap the cannabis leaves around it neatly.”

How exactly Ariel achieves that smooth, refined look without using string to tie the core together is one of his trade secrets. It’s what makes the Leira cannagar one of a kind.

Branding is a major focus for Ariel, he wants to steer away from the cartoony, pun-filled marketing that has dominated the market for years. Instead he is taking a cue from the tobacco industry, using clear tubes to package his cannagars and finishing them with a luxurious purple wax seal.

Ariel hopes to make the cannagar the champagne of the cannabis world, reserved for special occasions and social events.

Prices can vary depending on size and which strains are used, but the average cannagar sells for a few hundred dollars.

Having high-end cannabis products like the Leira cannagar enter the market is a hugely positive shift for the cannabis community and the legalization movement as a whole. Disassociating themselves from the stereotypical “stoner marketing” helps to break the taboo surrounding marijuana use.

When you look at a Leira cannagar you don’t get the impression that someone just bought it from a shady dealer on a street corner. It looks like it was plucked straight out of a glass showcase from a high end cigar shop.

Currently Leira cannagars are only available at select dispensaries in Washington. Ariel’s mission is to ramp up production and make his cannagars available in all legal states.

If the Leira cannagar was available at your local shop, would you consider picking one up?

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