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Stündenglass Kompact: Portable and Powerful


Stündenglass Kompact: Portable and Powerful

When Grenco Science released the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah in 2020, it was instantly iconic. The newly released Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser may be smaller in size, but it still packs a powerful punch. The icing on the cake? Contactless consumption.

In 2018, a video of Seth Rogen hitting a bong went viral. The Pineapple Express star claims to have coughed for 25 minutes after just one (granted, pretty big) rip from the futuristic looking device. So why was this clip so special? After all, Rogen’s love of weed is a cornerstone of his career. What made this video different comes down to the bong itself. The futuristic device was a prototype of the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah by former Apple employee Tracey Huston. What began as a garage-built passion project for the designer—and self-taught inventor—soon metamorphosed into the zeitgeist of cannabis cool when Grenco Science bought Stündenglass in 2020. 

“Throughout history, from the invention of the hookah to the gravity bong, imaginative smokers have been using their ingenuity to create coveted smoking devices,” said Huston. “With ritual, pleasure and durability in mind, I engineered Stündenglass using pure physics to deliver the smoothest, most consistent and vaporous draws.”

The Stündenglass gravity bong is the world’s first contactless ​water hookah pipe that’s powered by pure fluid physics. The patented, first-of-its-kind 360-degree rotation system of the Stündenglass is a powerful fusion of form and function. Innovative design, precision craftsmanship, and collabs with two of the hottest brands in cannabis—Cookies and Dr. Greenthumb—have made the Stündenglass one of the most coveted bongs on the market.

A company renowned for its continued quest for innovation, Grenco Science recently released a smaller version of the Stündenglass gravity bong: the Kompact Gravity Infuser. The new Kompact delivers the same mind-blowing experience on a smaller scale.

The New Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser

Measuring just under a foot tall, the the Kompact’s two glass globes can hold approximately a third of the volume of the original Stündenglass. This means you can expect faster and cooler pulls. 

As you would expect from any Grenco Science product, both the original Stündenglass and the Kompact have been engineered using the highest-grade materials. The two borosilicate glass chambers sit on opposite sides of a sleek and sophisticated metal base that’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, surgical-grade stainless steel, and high-quality Teflon seals. 

Like the original, the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser works by utilizing the power of physics. Once the bottom chamber fills with water and the other with smoke, the device is flipped 180 degrees. This motion creates gravitationally delivered water filtration. This movement sucks the water through the two-way aluminum upstem and pushes the smoke out of the adjustable mouthpiece. By determining how far the device is flipped, you have full control over the strength of your hit, so you can take small sips or inhale bigger clouds.

Portable & Powerful 

The smaller size of the Kompact naturally makes it much more portable than the original. The device comes fully assembled inside a travel case that’s form-fitted to the exact shape of the Kompact, thus eliminating the risk of breakage during transport. The stylish case is crafted from high-grade fabric, and the exterior features a metal inlaid logo plate, zipper, carrying handle and shoulder strap. There’s also enough space inside for the device’s accessories, including a three-foot silicone hose plus a convenient pocket to store anything extra. Bonus feature: The Kompact can connect to any smoking or vaporization device with a 14mm male joint.  


Like the original, the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser is designed for functional versatility. Need a strong flex for your next party? Simply connect the Kompact to the beverage cloche using the silicone hose and turn any drink into a conversation piece. Simply add your preferred flavored wood chips like apple, oak or pecan and rotate the device as normal. All the delicious, aromatic smoke will be pushed through the hose into the cloche.

Contactless Consumption

In the era of COVID-19, contactless delivery on sharable smoking and vaporization devices is almost a pre-requisite for shared experiences. Perhaps then, the most important feature of the Kompact is its “contactless smoke delivery system.” As the smoke is blown through the mouthpiece, users can take direct draws from a steady stream of smoke, so you can enjoy contactless consumption and prevent spreading germs. 

If you’re looking for a show-stopping water bong that seamlessly fuses form and function, while also delivering a clean smoking experience, you won’t find one better than the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser.

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