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Grenco Science: The Go-To Brand for Style Savvy Cannabis Fans

Grenco Science: The Go-To Brand for Style Savvy Cannabis Fans
Photos courtesy of Grenco Science


Grenco Science: The Go-To Brand for Style Savvy Cannabis Fans

Beyond its iconic line of cannabis tech and accessories, Grenco Science has a keen eye for the greatest collabs with cutting edge musicians, artists and celebrities.

Wherever there is art, there is innovation. Wherever there is culture, there is a king. Grenco Science is the new-school king of cannabis culture, standing atop a forward-thinking hardware empire in which vapor is the currency, and the pen is your passport.

Starting with product design that embraces ingenuity and innovation at its very core, the very pen itself looks like a slick, discreet, mini spaceship, and in all truth, it may as well be. Rigorous product testing proves that if you want to fly to the moon, Grenco Science have your back. In fact, they have a piece of hardware designed purpose-built to discretely and portably vaporize cannabis in just about any form imaginable, from flower to wax.

They were one of the first brands to market with a wax vape pen with the release of G Pen back in 2012, and new product launches consistently impress across the board.

Chris Folkerts, Founder and CEO of Grenco Science, launched the G Pen after seeing the lack of products in the portable vaporizer market and the future of cannabis.

“When we founded the company in 2012, cannabis was first being used in the same atomisers used for e-cigarettes,” Folkerts said. “I realized that this was the digitization, the future, of cannabis.

“The first product was launched after six months of development. The first 15,000 units were supposed to be called Gio. But, it didn’t say “Gio” anywhere on the packaging. So, everyone started calling it the G Pen and it stuck.”

The G Pen family now features the G Pen Elite (launched 2015), the G Pen Pro (launched 2016), the G Pen Gio, and the recently launched G Pen Nova, a sleek, pocket vape for both flower and concentrates.

“It was important to me to bring the Gio back as that was where the whole thing started,” said Folkerts.

Grenco Science: The Go-To Brand for Style Savvy Cannabis Fans

The new G Pen Nova.

So, the product is hot, but that doesn’t solve getting it into the people’s hands. Well, this angle is covered, too. The street culture curators over at Grenco Science know their market and have made art and science moonwalking around its intricacies.

They’ve notched a show-stopping string of collaborations with artistic heavyweights like Snoop Dogg in 2013, Wiz Khalifa, Berner, Equinox, and a host of West Coast music festivals, appearing in limited edition releases, VIP packages, touchscreen vending machines and more.

“When we got Snoop in 2013… that was massive,” said Folkerts. “Most counter culture stems LA and New York and propelled by hip-hop. Living in both cities and coming from music and entertainment, there were so many connections that it was a lifestyle play. We’re not just a weed brand, we’re a culture brand, a lifestyle company.”

Grenco Science made certain that when you hit the streets with a G Pen in your pocket, you feel like a part of the movement.

“Having a product with both novelty and function is one of the most powerful things you can have,” said Folkerts.

Round off the operation a slick website, ice-cold branding, a future-forward approach to modern community engagement and presumably a robust distribution network, these boys and girls are playing for keeps and it’s working. Here is an example of new business done right.

“I realized [early] the company needed to shift into technology because we were, ultimately, a technology company,” said Folkerts. “We partnered with a design firm out of New York that had developed some of the top vapes in the space. The Elite was the first time we developed a product from start to finish ourselves. To go from a sourcing company to a technology company was a big step for us.”

On the uneven tumultuous ground that is the cannabis industry, the ground moves beneath your feet every time a new round of legislation is passed. Greco Science has diversified their portfolio just enough to welcome all shades of user while sticking hard with hardware and partnering with extract companies state-by-state for the consumable product.

In the industry that seemingly moves at a mile a minute, you wonder what’s next for a vaporizer brand that turns everything it touches into green and gold. One thing’s for sure, we’ll be watching.

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