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Strike the Right Balance Using Organic Fertilizers in Your Marijuana Garden

Young individual plant looks bright green among its sisters and the bright lights of a grow room.


Strike the Right Balance Using Organic Fertilizers in Your Marijuana Garden

Every marijuana gardener knows that those growing green ladies are going to get hungry and if you want them to grow into beautiful, lush plants with large flowers and a pleasurable taste; it’s a good idea to feed them well.

These days, finding organic fertilizers is easy. Most major gardening and hydroponic shops carry organic products, making homegrown organic easy for any garden.  Organic fertilizers come in both liquid and dry forms and there are several brands to choose from. Personally, I like Dr. Earth, Down to Earth, Monterey Fish and Guano, Liquinox, and Tiger Bloom. Having both liquid and dry fertilizers on hand is useful throughout the grow season or never ending indoor summers.

The importance of feeding your ladies is simple. They need food to survive and with enough depletion of nutrients they can become frail and even die. Feeding them a balanced diet is key to a healthy garden; too much fertilizer can be even more damaging than not feeding them at all. Gardeners are performing a constant balancing act.

It is important to read dosage correctly, pay close attention to your plant’s responses to different fertilizers and have at least one quality grow guide to help determine their needs. Straight-up every plant is different. Plants don’t speak, they show, and getting it right is somewhat of a trial and error process.

But, there are some basic guidelines to follow. Before planting make sure your soil is rich with a bit of everything like seaweed extract, crab meal, bat guano, chicken manure, iron, zinc, bone meal, blood meal and some Epson salts. At this point stay away from the bloom boosters and look for products that promote growth. This will provide a food source for the plants for at least the first and even the second month. Then, you will need to feed the ladies at least once to twice a week with growth enhancer like seaweed extract and bat guano.

Keep an eye out for changes in the leaves like discoloration and wilting for signs of depleted nutrients, over feeding and over or under watering. Refer back to grow guides to diagnose any problems. (Try Marijuana Garden Saver).

When the plants begin to bud it is time to start feeding them bloom-boosting fertilizers along with bat guano one to two times a week. A good dose of blood and bone meal once a month is a good idea as well. This combo with trellising will help produce those big sticky buds.

With the ease of finding organic fertilizers why not feed those beautiful green ladies the best for you and her? Keep your girls happy and they will produce plentiful and tasty flowers.

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