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Eliminate the Smell of Cannabis Smoke With Smokebuddy

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Eliminate the Smell of Cannabis Smoke With Smokebuddy

Smokebuddy will help you smoke discreetly and keep second-hand smoke away from your friends, family and neighbors.

With one of the most distinctive fragrances on the planet, cannabis can give itself away with just a whiff. Legal or not, that distinctive odor carries a host of complications. Some products try to mask the odor, some try to absorb it afterward, but only Smokebuddy keeps it under wraps right off the bat.

Who hasn’t needed to medicate near mixed company? Cannabis is finally finding a moderate acceptance, but there are still those tough spots. The last true objection remains a subjectively skunky smell — not everyone appreciates that aroma.

Over the years, better ways to partake have been developed, from vaping to oils and concentrates. More magic with less cloud, yes, but even “burn-less” inhales have to come out, or do they?

Using the same carbon filtration technology that keeps even the biggest indoor grows below the radar, Smokebuddy keeps youra favorite secret a secret. Instead of reeking of cannabis and cologne, it removes smell altogether. Simply exhale your smoke through the device and odorless air comes out the other end.

Use the Buddy System

At home or out and about, there’s a Smokebuddy to fit your needs perfectly.

The Smokebuddy Original comes in a cylindrical shape with easy grip, tapered top, and dual caps to keep odors in. Good for up to 300 uses or more, it can help average smokers stay fresh for up to a year.

For those on-the-go occasions, Smokebuddy Junior fits neatly in a purse or even pocket. With over 150 uses, you will both rack up those frequent traveler miles.

For those frequent or group smokers, the Smokebuddy MEGA contains a filter twice the size of the Original, good for up to 600 uses. With the same flattened flask design as the Junior, it will handle household or house party level puffing with ease for months and possibly years.

From primary colors to psychedelic, there’s a Smokebuddy that’s right for you. Choose from camouflage, tie-dye, glow in the dark, or grenade style. And don’t forget, each one comes with an LED pocket pal for your keychain or zipper pull, perfect for smoking in limited light conditions.

Whether you want to avoid an awkward conversation or simply stay out of trouble, Smokebuddy will keep a lid on that telltale terpene bouquet.

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