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Game Review: Cards Against Humanity’s Weed Pack

Cards Against Humanity Weed Pack Game Review Cannabis Now

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Game Review: Cards Against Humanity’s Weed Pack

Game Review: Cards Against Humanity’s Weed Pack

Warning: This review contains exploding kittens.

Over the summer, the Chicago-based company behind Cards Against Humanity released a specialty version of the popular party game dedicated to all of the “horrible people” out there with an affinity for marijuana. Rumor has it that the evil geniuses behind this amusing pastime grew tired of the possibility of being thrown in jail every time they hit Lake Shore Drive on the way to work with a trunk full of pot. So they put pen to paper and conjured up the idea of a “Weed Pack,” which the corporate hounds of humanity would then sell to the stoned masses and donate all of the proceeds to furthering the marijuana legalization movement in the United States.


The second the news of this highly spirited, new lease on marijuana advocacy crossed the desk of the Cannabis Now editorial department, we knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that our duty as journalists would not be fulfilled if we did not immediately order a deck and give it a proper review for all of our loyal readers to consider. It was to be a difficult assignment — of that we were fully aware — but with the assistance of a few grams of Blue Dream, we would emerge to tell the tale of this novelty and, who knows, perhaps even bring an end to marijuana prohibition for the generations to come.

We received a package in the mail a few days later labeled “Exploding Kittens,” which, admittedly, caused our cards to get lost in the shuffle for a few weeks because the staff was convinced that the box actually contained the self-combusted remnants of once cuddly felines. It wasn’t until I showed up to shake down one of the editors over a gambling debt that I happened to peek inside and notice that our cards had, in fact, arrived.

Game night was on.

It didn’t take long to determine that the Cards Against Humanity Weed Pack is just as amusing as the original. For starters, the game comes complete with five custom rolling papers, which, if you’re playing correctly, should be twisted up with a high powered sativa — something chock-full of laughter — and passed around the room during each round.

Once the game begins, you will notice, much like we did, that the phrase combinations are reminiscent of the days when Cheech & Chong stereotypes reigned supreme — a time when blunts, Cheetos and conspiracy theories were an integral part of any group of dedicated weed fiends getting red-eyed and catatonic on a Saturday night… or on a Wednesday. This is perhaps the most refreshing element of the game, as it calls attention to the lost art of wasting time, allowing folks to just sit around with an arsenal of weed while showing off the slapstick habits of their burned out ways. Amen! Our only complaint: the game is a bit limited (only 30 cards to add to the 600 cards in the classic version).

But you’ll be too high to care.

Originally published in Issue 29 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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