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Reputable Vapes by TribeTokes

Tribe Tokes Founders
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Reputable Vapes by TribeTokes

A review of just some of the CBD and Delta-8 products from TribeTokes, an upstanding leader in the clean cannabis movement.

TribeTokes has been crafting premium, clean CBD and Delta-8 vaping products since 2017. Although a force of nature in the vape world, they still offer an impressive line of gummies, 1:1 vapes, CBD skin care and pain-relief creams. When it comes to a cannabis product I can trust, I’ll be using TribeTokes for all my CBD and Delta-8 needs.

Carrying cannabis that I feel confident in for potency, cleanliness and variety of products will make me a Tribe member for life. After knee surgery last year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for something like the TribeRevive Delta-8 THC pain cream. With the cooling effects from the peppermint, wintergreen and menthol followed by the anti-inflammatory benefits of the Delta-8 THC, arnica, wild marjoram and aloe, it’s the perfect post-hike treat to alleviate stiffness. Add on the Delta-8 Northern Lights vape for full-body, full-spectrum relief without feeling stuck to the couch or less social.

Delta Gr8

Extracted from cannabis in smaller amounts than CBD and Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 is often referred to as “diet THC” with less of the overwhelming effects of Delta-9 while still producing euphoric and psychoactive properties that many look for in cannabis. I’m often a bit of a skeptic when it comes to new THC products after learning that some vapes contain Vitamin E acetate and fillers (i.e. vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol, and other potentially harmful additives). Delta-8 is safe if extracted and stored properly—something  TribeTokes has accomplished. With their line of full-spectrum Delta-8 vapes that are lab-tested and stored using strain-specific terpenes as an anti-crystallizing agent, you can expect to enjoy the best THC vaping product out there.

Using terpenes instead of cheap fillers to extend the life of cartridges is not only safer but tastes better, too. “Terps” are responsible for the delicious weedy smell, taste and therapeutic benefits found in cannabis. Each strain of marijuana provides different terpene compound make-ups to create distinct flavor and feeling profiles that are expressed in TribeTokes Delta-8 products.

A strain that I’ve indulged in is Maui Wowie, a classic sativa with tropical roots you can taste and feel. The taste of vaping Maui Wowie by TribeTokes was far better than flower. The flavor is enhanced tenfold without sacrificing any of the energetically creative flow that comes with Maui Wowie.

Here are some of the TribeTokes products I’ve tried—from creams to vapes to Delta-8 strain options .

Delta-8 Vapes by TribeTokes

Blue Dream

You’ll notice the sleek packaging with lab results from Columbia Labs that clearly get to the point. These vapes are clean. This is a full-spectrum Delta-8 sativa dominant hybrid. It’s a popular strain made by crossing blueberry with haze, adding an herbal flavor with a hint of berry. This vape has a high potency ringing in at 81.4% D8, so start with a puff and wait 15 minutes to start off. It took a couple of hits before I was in that slightly giggly state of mind while on a dog walk. My dog seemed happy; fall colors were coming in, so the breeze was knocking down a few leaves and it was a perfect time for a walk. This Blue Dream helped clear my head from the day of outside influences and relax.

Maui Wowie

This strain vape is another fan favorite that’s a popular fruity sativa. Maui Wowie came to us from the volcanic soils of the Hawaiian Islands, and just like the Dole pineapples grown there, the flavor is delightful. There’s a light flavor profile that builds with a long pineapple aftertaste. While I’d love to smoke this on Hawaiian sands, I took it backpacking in Montana for a close second. The energetic high that comes with Maui Wowie was perfect for a lunch break toke and getting back on the trail. There was no lackadaisical hiking from anyone who smoked—just chatting and laughing.


Of the three Delta-8 products I’ve tried so far, Zkittles was a heavy hitter. Its tastes are more mellow, but very sweet. If you usually smoke bud, I’d recommend this as a jumping-off point to vapes. After smoking this, you’ll notice that happy indica body sensation. It felt like I shook off any stress from my day and slumped comfortably into my own skin. After less than a chapter of my book, I fell asleep, stayed asleep, and woke up feeling refreshed.

CBD Vapes

Hawaiian Dream

The Hawaiian dream I tested was in a disposable pen that was small—just barely bigger than a lighter—with a matte finish that was great for grip. The taste was similar to Maui Wowie and makes for a perfect combo with it as well. I felt very focused when using this pen. It helped me get what I needed  done for a couple of hours without any fuzzy feeling.

NYC Diesel

With a full body, like my favorite wines, this strain sticks out with a pungent weedy flavor. It feels like your vaporizing the freshly ground nug with that Diesel taste so many people love. It was the perfect strain to go out and fix bikes with friends and get a slice of pizza. I felt comfortable and relaxed, very similar to a glass of wine.

Juicy Fruit

Like the cappuccino of the fruity CBD world, Juicy Fruit was light and milky. It went well with my morning coffee and sitting down to write. A couple of puffs of this Juicy Fruit CBD pen will be incorporated into my daily routine. It helped give me a productive and stable mood that was fantastic for creativity.

Northern Lights

Known for its deep relaxation and sleep aid potential, Northern Lights was perfect for a movie night. I had gone on a long bike ride before date night and noticed after vaping Northern Lights that my knee injury was not acting up (it’s often inflamed after long periods of exertion). We slipped into a movie, and I felt exceptionally comfortable relaxing on the couch.

Mango Haze

I’m a huge fan of all Haze strains, so this may be a little biased. The tastes that grow throughout vaping Mango Haze are green, ripe and mouthwatering. You can immediately taste the mango with other tropical flavors and then a pinch of the pepper on the exhale. I felt like enjoying the sun on my skin when I vaped this batch of Mango Haze.

All these vapes were a pleasure to drag on, with a smooth mouthfeel that helped each different strain’s flavor profiles stand out. To really test the harshness, I turned “The Wand” from TribeTokes—a premium, yet simple cylindrical battery—up to high. There was none of the popping, like oil in a pan, that happens with some vapes. Plus, my throat didn’t burn or feel irritated afterward.

As labeled on all products from TribeTokes, you’’ll find that nothing is sent to you that hasn’t passed a pesticides and heavy metals test. It was a relief knowing that what I’m putting into my body isn’t going to have unexpected side effects. Everything that TribeTokes delivers only comes with one warning: Contents may result in happiness and relaxation. Take that warning to heart, because that’s exactly how I felt after enjoying these TribeTokes products.

If you are interested in trying out TribeTokes for yourself, you can get 20% off your first order when you use code TRIBE20 at checkout.

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