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Releaf App Offers Customized Cannabis Experience

Releaf Cannabis App


Releaf App Offers Customized Cannabis Experience

The creators behind Releaf are hopeful that their new app helps medical cannabis patients easily customize their experience to best suit their individual treatment needs.

Going live this month, Releaf assists users in digitally tracking an array of data associated with their marijuana use. Monitoring data such as strain type, batch, treatment symptoms and application method (such as smoking or vaping), co-founder Branden Hall said the app was created to, “help cannabis patients more quickly figure out what works for them.”

“It’s hard to aggregate a composition notebook,” he says while adding the app is both intuitive and easy to navigate at different stages of the treatment process. “We make it fun. We make it beautiful.”

Releaf Cannabis App In SessionTo use Releaf, participants are initially asked to enter in three sets of criteria: a symptom, the method of application and what strain they are utilizing. Once the data is entered, users can tap each time they take a puff and adjust how the marijuana is making them feel in real time as the medicine is applied. Compiling this information, Hall explains, helps to take the guesswork out of what strains work best and quickly learn what is working in terms of dosage, time of day and strength. Once medical marijuana patients obtain data they can use it to share with their doctors or dispensary to find the ideal medicine.

The concept for Releaf began when co-founder Franco Brockelman found himself helping his mother navigate through her medical marijuana treatment. The process, he explains, was challenging in figuring out a program that would work for his mother and her specific needs.

“[The idea was] we could help people do what Franco did for his mom,” Hall says, noting the app helps to take some of the guess and check work out of the process.

While the information provided to the app remains completely confidential, the next step for Releaf is taking the anonymized information to generate a roadmap for future users. Right now medical marijuana treatment for most conditions remains anecdotal, but the hope is to bolster the knowledge through crowd-sourced data thus providing more footing for strain recommendations.

“We really want to put data at those recommendations going forward,” Hall says.

Releaf is set to be available for iOS in June and Android in July.

Releaf Cannabis App trackerThis article is sponsored by Releaf App. By letting Releaf know how you feel throughout your sessions with cannabis, it will help you recognize successful patterns in your usage—what worked for you, how long did it last, and how did it make you feel—so that you can feel better, faster and with greater confidence and comfort.

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