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Product Review: Canna Energy

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Product Review: Canna Energy

Canna Energy drinks won’t leave you feeling speedy or anxious, you’ll just feel “hempergized,” the perfect combination of relaxation and alertness.

You’re supposed to sesh at your friend’s house in an hour, but you just spent the afternoon getting blazed and now you’re absolutely exhausted. What’s an avid cannabis enthusiast with a full social calendar to do?

If you had a can of Canna Energy, you’d be ready to go in no time. Their delicious blend of vitamins, nutrients and fruit flavors will give you the kind of invigorating buzz energy drink users demand, while also kicking things up a notch with a 50mg dose of all natural hemp oil, which contains the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids crucial for good health.

Additionally, the use of hemp oil offsets the glycemic load of the drink, meaning no spike or crash like with other energy drinks. And Canna Energy is vegan, gluten free, and contains no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no preservatives

Mark Spoone, CEO of CannaLife USA, said Canna Energy is meant to further his company’s goal of educating people about the hidden truth behind the much maligned cannabis plant. He sees the accessibility and public acceptance of energy drinks as a prime opportunity for starting that conversation.

“People recognize the hemp leaf. So for me it was the idea of how do we take a visual iconic symbol, so that when people reach into that drink cooler they see it and go, ‘Oh my gosh what is that?’”

The benefits of THC-free industrial hemp are often overlooked when people are discussing the wondrous properties of the cannabis plant. But there are real advantages to regularly consuming hemp oil. This alone would be a great reason to drink Canna Energy, but on top of that, it’s a really delicious beverage, with three flavors to chose from.

The original flavor is a sharp, zesty citrus melange reminiscent of the flavor of a mountain-themed soda associated with extreme sports, only with a more tart, refreshing flavor. The Blueberry Lite has a refreshing, fruity flavor and, like all the Canna Energy drinks, a strong, invigorating effervescence.

During our in-office taste test, Mango was a big favorite. We found it exceptionally tasty. It tempts your nostrils with the scent of fresh mango flesh and assaults your tongue with something much less natural but no less delicious.

Because of the unique formulation of Canna Energy drinks, you can expect a restful sleep after enjoying them. They’ll provide you with the energy and focus you need to complete the task at hand and make it through your day, but they won’t keep you up all night or make you jittery.

And with only 40 calories in each serving, you can enjoy these delicious, energy-packed drinks without worrying about throwing lots of empty calories into your diet. Unlike many other energy drinks, that contain upwards of 200 calories per serving, Canna Energy is a healthy, natural, low-calorie option.

So whether you’re trying to catch a second wind so you can keep blowing big or just looking for a tasty source of hemp energy, look no further than the Canna Energy line of hemp infused energy drinks.

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