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ReCreate Celebrates Pride Month with Limited-Edition Products

ReCreate's limited-edition mixed THC + CBD gummies for Pride
Photos courtesy ReCreate

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ReCreate Celebrates Pride Month with Limited-Edition Products

The Stanley Brothers’ cannabis-infused brand, ReCreate, has partnered with two nonprofits to raise awareness and funds for the LGBTQ+ community through their Pride-themed product line.

ReCreate is celebrating Pride Month this June through a special line of cannabis-infused gummies and beverages. One dollar from every product sold will be donated to One Colorado and Equality California, two nonprofit organizations dedicated to LGBTQ+ and civil rights advocacy. 

The Stanley Brothers, most widely known for their pioneering CBD brand, Charlotte’s Web, launched ReCreate just last year. Through precise formulations and dosing, ReCreate’s products deliver consistent and repeatable effects, so that consumers can easily incorporate them into their daily routine for improved wellness and an all-around healthier lifestyle. Their tinctures, gummies and edibles combine THC, full-spectrum CBD and functional botanicals for a chain reaction of wellness.

“As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the most beautiful thing about Pride is celebrating love and individuality in all of its forms,” said Austin Stanley, co-founder of ReCreate. “Our mission at ReCreate lives in our name—to ReCreate how we live, think and engage with our personal wellness and the greater community.”

The Pride line includes two limited-edition products, currently available in Colorado and California: Mixed Fruit Gummies and a Blueberry Mint Acai Sparkling Elixir. The gummies combine 10mg of CBD and THC with Yerba Mate for an energizing way to celebrate Pride. The sparkling beverage contains 2.5mg of CBD and THC, with uplifting botanicals to keep you feeling awake and uplifted. Both products feature ReCreate’s new proprietary cannabis blend. This full-spectrum mixture uses cutting edge nanotechnology for faster absorption, providing one of the fastest, most consistent highs on the market.

ReCreate's limited-edition Pride Month THC + CBD gummies and sparkling elixer

Proud Pioneers

Both the cannabis and LGBTQ+ communities have been fighting for legal recognition and respect for decades. With this in mind, ReCreate is also celebrating Pride Month by shining a light on some influential LGBTQ+ individuals who have helped drive the cannabis industry forward. Leaders like Harvey Milk and Dennis Peron are being highlighted on ReCreate’s website and social channels. 

“Throughout this campaign, we’re excited to acknowledge the iconic LBGTQ+ leaders who played a critical role in advocating for the medical potential of cannabis,” Stanley said. “Without their efforts, there would be no progress in legalization today.”

Pride Partners

Colorado’s leading advocacy organization, One Colorado, is dedicated to advancing equality for the LGBTQ+ Coloradans by lobbying the General Assembly, the executive branch and local governments on meaningful issues, like safe schools, transgender equality, and health and human services. The organization also places a large emphasis on public education. 

Another one of ReCreate’s local partner nonprofits is Equality California, which is the largest statewide LGBTQ+ Civil Rights Advocacy organization in the country. The group strives to create a world that is healthy, just and fully equal for all LGBTQ+ people through political, legislative and judiciary reform. 

“In our chaotic world, some of us can feel lost and unwell. As a gay man, I know many of our community members struggle with feeling centered, acknowledged and loved,” Stanley shared. “Throughout my wellness journey, cannabis has helped me feel like a better version of myself. That’s why I am proud ReCreate has partnered with Equality California and One Colorado to reimagine a more inclusive and well world for everyone.”

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