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ReCreate: Stanley Brothers’ Latest Brand Puts Health Before Getting High

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ReCreate: Stanley Brothers’ Latest Brand Puts Health Before Getting High

ReCreate enters the market with a new approach to cannabis consumption that falls in line with today’s health-conscious consumer. Their precise formulations provide consistent, repeatable effects designed to enhance your daily routine.

In the early days of legal cannabis, we consumers didn’t have nearly as many choices as we do today. We spent a lot of money on mediocre edibles loaded with sugary syrup to mask the marijuana taste, or tinctures made with extremely high THC content so we could get as stoned as possible – that was the goal, right? 

Today’s cannabis consumer is far more discerning, and rightfully so. Numerous emerging cannabis brands have raised the standards for flavor, nutrition and sourcing along with extraction processes and sustainability. Buyers aren’t just looking for quality products. They want an experience that goes beyond getting high – something that supports health and well-being. Whether that’s calm, energy, clarity, relaxation or pain relief, cutting-edge cannabis brands are tailoring their formulations and designing precise outcomes for health-minded consumers. ReCreate is one of those brands.

CBD + THC Botanicals

ReCreate is the brainchild of the Stanley Brothers, seven actual siblings from Colorado who won global recognition as creators of the iconic Charlotte’s Web, an industry-leading pioneer in whole-plant hemp health supplements. With ReCreate, the brothers have centered the wellness component of cannabis consumables and added ancient herbal medicine to the mix.

ReCreate products combine full-spectrum cannabinoids (CBD and THC) with what they call “functional botanicals” – that is, plant-derived compounds like turmeric, valerian root, lemon balm, chaga and ashwaganda. Many of these herbs, plants and fungi are staples of Ayurvedic medicine, which has been foundational to traditional Indian health practices for more than 5,000 years. 

With mainstream society’s growing interest in functional foods, adaptogenic herbs, natural remedies and plant-based health, ReCreate is providing health-conscious consumers with beneficial cannabinoid formulas that include popular botanical supplements. You know you’re keeping pace with a big trend when even the New York Times is asking, “Are Mushrooms the Future of Wellness?

Studies indicate that these traditional botanicals offer real, measurable benefits: Lion’s mane (a mushroom included in the ReCreate Focus dark chocolate) has been shown to have a positive effect on neurological health. And turmeric (an herb featured in ReCreate’s Relief tincture) may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

A New Concept for Cannabis

The pandemic has changed the cannabis industry landscape in more ways than one. Beyond addressing daily concerns like arthritis or insomnia, consumers want to do all they can to support their immune systems, reduce stress and manage anxiety. ReCreate’s new formulations couldn’t possibly have better timing. 

The brand prioritizes health over getting high – or as their website states, “ReCreate products are not intended to be mind-altering with high amounts of THC, but rather life-enhancing with optimal levels of THC, CBD and functional Ayurvedic botanicals designed to make your life healthier and more complete.” Further appealing to the GOOP cohort, all of their offerings are gluten-free, vegan and ethically sourced, and certificates of analysis for all products can be easily reviewed online.

ReCreate products are named after the effect they’ve been designed to produce. For example, the four chocolates in their product line are titled FocusSleepRelax and Relief. ReCreate also offers tinctures called EverydayReliefRelax and Sleep. The Sleep tincture has a 1:4 CBD:THC ratio to promote drowsiness, along with the added punch of valerian root, a plant that has been used for sleep disorders in Europe for decades (I sampled the Sleep tincture and slept like a rock).

ReCreate is betting on a whole new concept of cannabis: that of a medicinal plant that can be artfully combined with other herbs to create botanical formulas that support overall health. 

Why eat a sugary chocolate edible when you could have a dark chocolate one with lion’s mane, Vitamin B, matcha and peppermint oil? In the COVID-19 era, products with reliable effects that can be easily incorporated into a daily routine may be a far stronger pitch to mainstream consumers than a blunt or a dab.

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