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5 Women-Focused Cannabis Brands to Watch

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5 Women-Focused Cannabis Brands to Watch

The growth and expansion of the legal cannabis industry is creating a new crop of industry leaders, with women occupying more of those leadership roles than in any other industry. So it’s no surprise that there are several companies founded by and/or geared towards women in cannabis.

Cannabis consumption has traditionally been a male dominated arena. For both illicit and legal cannabis use, advertising and events have focused on appealing to the young male demographic. But as legalization continues to normalize cannabis use, we are seeing more and more women join the marijuana movement.

Recent studies show that the gender gap in cannabis use is narrowing, and women are becoming an increasingly crucial segment of the cannabis market: Data from an Eaze study shows women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the cannabis space

And according to a brand study released by Canna Ventures, women are also more likely than men to visit a dispensary more than twice a month.

While, the industry may still be catching up to these changes — and most advertising and branding continues to cater to male consumers — more and more brands are popping up with female customers in mind.

Here are a few brands who are making products geared towards this growing demographic.

Garden Society

Garden Society is a great example of a brand focused entirely on women. Based in the SF Bay area, this line of low-dose edibles is both elegant and fanciful, and the confections feel like they should be sitting on the table at a ‘high’ tea party.

Their Bliss Blossoms are melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, delicately decorated with their logo in pink and infused with 10 mgs of a 1:1 indica. Their Bright Blooms are colorful gelées in strawberry, basil and passion fruit flavors. Each one is infused with only 5 mg of a sativa hybrid, providing a very mild buzz.

Both products are beautifully packaged in a high-end box that could as easily be used for jewelry as for candy. These make a beautiful gift or party offering for even the most sophisticated ladies in your life.

Van Der Pop

Van Der Pop is an online cannabis lifestyle brand that caters to women with a hip but minimalistic indie aesthetic. Their line includes hemp products like body creams, hair serums and capsules — along with accessories like stash jars, clutches, pipes, vaporizers and pyres of incense designed to blend with the smell of flower.

The stash jars have simple to-the-point labels like “clean,” “focus,” “sex” and “party.” Van Der Pop even carries a gold joint wrap for $14: The gold paper is pre-rolled and ready to fill. As you smoke, the gold falls away into the ashes leaving a sparkly pile of gold-dust in your tray.

This may especially appeal to women as smoking joints is ranked as their top choice for how to consume cannabis, according to the Eaze study. This would certainly be an eye-catching accessory for any canna-friendly party.

Moxie Meds

Moxie Meds is another female-focused brand, with a line of healing CBD tinctures. Their motto ‘Modern Medicine, Made for Women, By Women” and their pink and purple branding sends a clear message that they are targeting the female demographic. These tasty strawberry-basil flavored tinctures come in 1:1 or 4:1 ratios of CBD to THC, and have added beta-caryophyllene (a terpene know for relieving pain, anxiety and inflammation).

The tinctures are designed to be used sublingually, by holding under the tongue, and their dropper makes dosing or microdosing extremely easy. The tinctures are great for women who want to medicate easily, discreetly and without any smoke. For women who are on the go, or want relief from their symptoms without feeling high, these tinctures are a fantastic option.

Baked At Home

Baked At Home was started by Jenny Argie after she was diagnosed with breast-cancer. The Brooklyn, New York-based company features a brownie mix designed to be blended with canna-butter or oil. The brownies are all-natural, gluten-free, low-sugar and designed to minimize the cannabis flavor. Baked At Home also offers CBD-based products like infused cooking oils, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, salves and body washes.

Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself is a line of health conscious edibles aimed at female canna-consumers. Their main offering — medicated pop tartelettes — are designed to be a healthy twist on an old favorite.

The tartelettes are vegan, free of soy, gluten and refined sugar — and they’re packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like chia seeds. But you wouldn’t know these are healthy from tasting them: Fresh from the toaster, these are tastier than your average pop-tart. With high CBD blends, this wake-and-bake will have you feeling good without putting you in a haze.

These are just a few of the brands catering to the growing demographic of women who use weed. But they show how different cannabis brands can be when they start with a female customer in mind. As more companies are popping up to meet the demand for more feminine cannabis brands, soon there will be something for every style of cannabis loving lady.

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