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Kush Creams “The Cough” Throat Spray Elixir Recipe

Jar of dank buds that may be used to make Kush Cream's Throat Spray for a Sore Throat


Kush Creams “The Cough” Throat Spray Elixir Recipe

When pollen is swirling the late spring air it is easy to get a sore, scratchy throat. This recipe combines the soothing power of cannabis with natural remedies to relieve your inflamed throat. Just spray 1-2 pumps in the back of the throat for immediate relief.

Here is how you can make some at home:

1. Start with a clean, dry, half-gallon canning jar with a new lid and ring.

2. Place one ounce of ground dried organic cannabis buds in the jar with 4 ounces each of the following dried herbs: elderberry, slippery elm bark and black cherry bark.

3. Add 1 ounce each of dried loquat leaf, platycodon root, zhejiang fritillary bulb, schisandra fruit, hyssop leaf, Echinacea root, sage leaf, St. John’s wart flower tops, yerba mansa, stone root, licorice root, jack-in-the-pulpit, osha, ginger, horehound, mullein, elecampane, pleurisy, eyebright, goldenseal, bayberry, yarrow, horseradish, cayenne, usnea and purple loosestrife.

4. Once all the dried ingredients are together, place lid on the jar and carefully shake the ingredients to mix them together.

5. Remove the lid and add 32oz. organic vegetable glycerin, 8oz. organic honey or agave.

6. A few drops each of sovereign silver, myrrh gum resin and propolis along with a couple drops of organic lemon and organic peppermint flavors.

7. Place the lid on very tightly. Shake and agitate the jar to mix the ingredients well.

8. Store in a dark 68 degree environment for a minimum of six months. You will need to shake and flip the jar once a day for the duration of this period.

9. Once you have waited six months, cover a the lid of the jar with a natural, unbleached cheesecloth and fold it 2-4 ply, depending on the weave. Screw the metal ring over the cheesecloth.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

10. Place the jar upside down into an oversized specialty-canning funnel, funneling into a second clean, dry half-gallon canning jar. This is a slow process; let the mixture strain naturally for 24 hours.

11. Once you have waited 24 hours, manually squeeze the remaining moisture from the mixture.

12. Once you have strained it and only have liquid, you need to re-strain your liquid mixture another two times before bottling.

13. Store in a cool, dark place for up to 1 year shelf life.


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By Meagan Schwarting

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