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Jeff Mizansky Freed From Life In Prison For Marijuana

Photo Via Free Jeff Mizanskey's Facebook Page


Jeff Mizansky Freed From Life In Prison For Marijuana

After 21 years behind bars, a man who had been sentenced to life without parole for a cannabis offense walked free on Tuesday.

Over two decades ago, Jeff Mizanskey was found guilty of his third drug conviction, after being caught attempting to sell 6 lbs of cannabis, which police said he conspired to sell to a Mexican drug cartel. In the years that followed, he became a national symbol of the extremity of prison sentencing in the War on Drugs, as one of the few prisoners in the nation serving such a harsh sentence.

But thanks to shifting public opinion on cannabis, Missouri governor Jay Nixon commuted his sentence in May. The commutation made it possible for Mizanskey to petition before a parole board, who granted his request for freedom. Finally, on September 1, 62-year-old Mizanskey walked out of the Jefferson City Correctional Center — after 21 years and a third of his life in prison — surrounded by family and flashing cameras.

“I finally made it to freedom,” Mizanskey told reporters after his release. “There are a lot of people in here who deserve the same thing.”

Mizanskey was on his third drug offense in 1996 when he was sentenced, and a Missouri law at the time made life without parole a possibility for a repeat drug offense. That law has since been changed, which Governor Nixon noted in his commutation, along with the fact that Mizanskey was a non-violent offender who had never sold cannabis to minors.

In his time behind bars, Mizanskey watched as 22 states legalized medical marijuana and four states legalized adult-use cannabis. He also saw President Barack Obama pardon the largest number of non-violent drug offenders in our nation’s history.

About half of the 200,000 federal prisoners are drug offenders — though most were incarcerated for drug trafficking — and about 27,000 of those prisoners are marijuana offenders.

Mizanskey said that he plans to advocate for marijuana legalization now that he has been freed.

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