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Iraq War Vet To Be Jailed For Using Cannabis For PTSD

U.S. Navy Corpsman Jeremy Usher sits at a veterans memorial as he awaits his sentence for using cannabis to treat his ptsd.


Iraq War Vet To Be Jailed For Using Cannabis For PTSD

After failing several DUI’s, U.S. Navy Corpsman Jeremy Usher may be sentenced to 29 days in jail for testing positive for medical cannabis in dozens of drug tests while on probation.

Usher, an Iraq war veteran from Colorado, has been treating his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for years with cannabis.

Known as “Doc” to the Marines that he treated in Iraq as a helicopter combat medic, Usher was shot in the side of the head in 2003. Afterword Usher suffered from memory loss and began to stutter.

Usher also had PTSD. He became paranoid, always looking over his shoulder in case of an ambush. He could not sleep due to reoccurring nightmares revolving around his killing of a Iraqi civilian.

“Fourth of July has always been hell for me,” Usher told the Greeley Tribune. When Usher was released from a San Diego hospital, like many combat veterans he began drinking. Eventually Usher got gummed up in the legal system after a few DUI’s and calling an ex-girlfriend too much.

Usher began to treat his PTSD with medical cannabis. And almost immediately everyone around him began to see signs of major improvement.

“Here is something that is helping him(Usher),” said John Ball, Usher’s VA financial aid officer from Aims Community College who worked with Usher over the years.

Since Usher’s cannabis treatment for PTSD, Ball told the Tribune that he has “seen vast improvement in Jeremy’s interactions with other students and teachers since he started using marijuana.”

But Usher’s improvement is being threatened by unqualified men in black robes arrogant enough to believe they know more about medical treatment for veterans than medical experts.

Usher’s doctors wrote to the court requesting that he be allowed to continue cannabis treatment for PTSD. The court rejected the medical experts advice.

District Attorney Ken Buck warned that all who smoke cannabis, even decorated war vets treating PTSD with medical supervision will be prosecuted.  “They can’t violate state or federal law,” Buck said.  Both Usher and Ball are convinced that legal bureaucrats do not understand nor care to understand the nature of PTSD.

“I’m never going to be free of the flashes of the memories; I’m stuck with those for life. What I’m able to do is manage those in an appropriate manner, without just going out and cracking open a bottle,” Usher said.

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