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Easy Grinder Takes the Grind Out of Breaking Bud 

Easy Grinder
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Easy Grinder Takes the Grind Out of Breaking Bud 

Easy Grinder gives you the power to grind and dispense your herb easily and effectively for optimum results, right at your fingertips.

For cannabis enthusiasts who prefer the full experience that only flower can provide, breaking up bud can be a tedious — and messy — necessity. Sticky fingers, poor burn, and dreaded spills are all inflictions suffered by both medical patients and herb aficionados alike. Grinding one’s weed should be no different. It should be easy, and with the Easy Grinder, it is.

Built with durability and performance in mind, this marvel of marijuana-related technology complements any serious connoisseur’s collection.

The Easy Grinder makes bud breakdown a breeze. One button operation and custom power control means anyone can grind any kind of bud with brilliance. Fluffy, sticky, dense, dry or damp, it all comes out optimized for awesomeness.

With the angled dispensing tip, and easy swivel magnetic locking lid, Easy Grinder also eliminates waste, ensuring every morsel makes the journey into the bowl or roll. Forget falling flakes. Just aim and enjoy.

The Ease of the Easy Grinder

The enhanced grinding chamber provides a customizable level of grinding power. Fluff it up for hand rolling, or break it down into fine flakes for — it makes no difference.

Simply start with a few pulses, and increase grind time as needed. In a few minutes, anyone can master the Easy Grinder.

With up to 300 grinding sessions from a single charge, it outlasts any amount of herb thrown at it, even for industrial rolling situations. Ceramic coated non-stick blades and an easy clean storage container brush off even the stickiest stash. Add to that an impressive 2.5-gram holding capacity, and one can grind enough to last several smoke sessions in advance.

Four LED lights dim in sequence to display battery life, and even after exhaustion, a simple swap allows the unit go manual for hand grinding with ease.

Easy Grinder eliminates the wrist and grip strain often associated with traditional grinders. The simple use and portability make it ideal for seniors or medical patients, who would otherwise need assistance to medicate.

Easy Grinder is available in four stylish colors for any taste: gold, silver, rose gold, and classic black. In addition, Easy Grinder has increased production and dropped the price, passing savings onto the consumer. Now it’s is 33 percent less, only $99.

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