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Canndescent: Create 303 Strain Review

Canndescent Create Cannabis Now
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Canndescent: Create 303 Strain Review

Smoke this strain for an evening of painting, baking, making — or any form of creating.

With the winter solstice right around the corner and the nights stretching far into the day, here at Cannabis Now we’ve been looking for indoor activities to fill our long, evening hours.

We’ve attended infused dinner parties, taken ganja yoga classes and attended Calfornia wildfire victim fundraisers, but sometimes we just want to hang out at home and get arts-and-crafty. That’s where Canndescent’s Create 303 strain comes in.

This skunky, sour-smelling strain looks similar — with long orange hairs on well-trimmed colas — to some of Canndescent’s other strains that we’ve sampled. But unlike the strains in Canndescent’s Calm or Charge groupings, this Create strain will give you both a calm body high and an invigorated, dreamy mental high. Create 303 was pleasant to smoke, as an almost immediate wave of relief washed over the body after inhalation. The strain’s warm, earthy taste lingered on the pallet long after smoking.

We recommend a slow and steady approach to Create 303, smoking it bit by bit throughout your creative endeavors, so as to maintain a level of enjoyment that is most productive for you and your art.

Here are our suggestions for activities to do after smoking Canndescent Create 303:

TELL US, do you use cannabis when making art?

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