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Editor’s Pick: Trim Station

Green Trim Station with a light, drink holders, two catch alls on either side and a grate at the front.

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Editor’s Pick: Trim Station

Cannabis growers so dislike trimming that often times trimmers get paid more than anyone else in the industry. It’s long monotonous work and it gets pretty messy. When trimming, one must have every proper tool at their disposal in order to be the most productive trimmer they can be. Trimmers must also simultaneously making the boss happy by producing clean-trimmed buds and keeping the space as clean as possible.

Less sophisticated trim crews consist of a few people sitting around in a garage and using the lids to plastic bins or any other plastic tray to trim the cannabis over. If they are good at what they are doing they separate the trim in three piles: garbage, trim to make extracts and finished cut buds. There are usually cups of alcohol and dirty paper towels from trimmers cleaning their scissors strewn about as well.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

The Trim Station solves the problems of both the trimmer and the grower by providing professional tools to facilitate the harvest and it’s worth every penny. Trim Station comes complete with two tubs for separation of untrimmed buds and the finished product, as well as providing a neat little scent masking “swag bag” to catch all the trimmings just in case one wants to put those to use as well. It also includes a cell phone/iPod station, solving potential music issues before they start. Finally, the “grease balls” provide an ingenious way for cleaning scissors after they are dipped in alcohol, which conveniently the tray provides two cup spaces for.

Trim Station was the editor’s pick in Issue 10 of Cannabis Now Magazine, on stands now.

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