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Art Rolls: A New Standard for Rolling Papers

Art Rolls and Cannabis Now products
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Art Rolls: A New Standard for Rolling Papers

Through thoughtfully curated art designs, Art Rolls is setting a new standard for rolling papers and products that elevates brand awareness and deepens the connection between the consumer and the art of rolling up.

Imagine if your everyday rolling papers and products were as artistic and influential as that tasty cannabisstrain you’re about to roll up and smoke. Art Rolls Inc. is a premium craft rolling paper company ready to express art and creativity through the power of cannabis. They’re embracing the art of rolling up a joint by curating captivating art designs into their exclusive line of rolling papers and accessory products.

Art Roll’s grinders, rolling papers, trays and accessories are designed to combine an urban contemporary look with a contrast of old-school rolling swagger—but their genuine creativity doesn’t stop there. Through creative, collaborative partnerships, Art Rolls teams up with cannabis companies nationwide to design exclusive rolling paper products you won’t find anywhere else.

Art Rolls custom smoking bundle

Elevating The Art of Rolling

Art Rolls was founded in 2020 with a specific goal in mind: to provide a pleasant smoking experience by combining classic, natural rolling paper materials with artistic designs. For their rolling products, they use ultra-thin papers made from white rice, which provides the best slow-burning joint and smoke experience.

From start to finish, Art Rolls implements high-quality precision and artistry at every step of the design and manufacturing process.

Any additional design elements on their rolling papers are printed with vegetable oil that’s vegan and GMO-free, so you can simply puff and taste the full flavor profile of your bud. Regardless of your experience level in rolling, there’s a product for everyone. Art Rolls’ rolling papers and products bring a level of unique creativity that’s unmatched on the market.

Art Roll’s product offerings range from king-size organic papers to ultra-thin paper cones to heavy-duty grinders and beautiful art posters. Even their artistic rolling trays are designed to improve and elevate the overall efficiency and appearance of rolling up.

Each design and work of art you see on Art Rolls’ custom creations are hand drawn and designed by their in-house creative team. Heavily inspired by modern urban environments and old-school stoner culture flair, Art Rolls proudly provides an artistic approach to a quality product that every cannabis aficionado needs.

Art Rolls custom smoking tray accessory

Custom Designs For Your Brand

In addition to their creative in-house design and premium rolling paper product line, Art Rolls also offers the ability to customize specific products for your brand.

Among the many artistic collaborations this rolling paper company has partnered with in the industry, Cannabis Now is excited to announce a new limited-edition product line with Art Rolls, which consists of rolling papers, grinders and trays. The collab was initially sparked when Cannabis Now noticed the unique and creative way Art Rolls was promoting its customizable products at a cannabis industry expo. Instead of your typical business card or acrylic signage, Art Rolls actively promoted their goods by supplying branded rolling papers—an item farmore useful than your average discount QR code coupon or branded sticker.

“You can count on our rolling papers to draw attention whenever you use one of them. They stand out and are certain to spark conversation,” says Art Roll’s CEO Nikola Balsic. He suggests that having branded art on your rolling papers or smoke products is a great first impression for any company, anywhere.

“It’s like having the best business card in the cannabis industry,” Balsic says. “Imagine how many times someone will be using rolling papers until they throw them out and it’s finished. At least thirty or so times. It’s a great opportunity to showcase other brands in an eye-catching way.”

Through thoughtfully curated art designs, Art Rolls is setting a new standard for rolling papers and products that elevates brand awareness and deepens the connection between the consumer and the art of rolling up. With Art Rolls, every time you roll, you’ll be creating a masterpiece.

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