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7 Cannabis-Infused Recipes for Your Danksgiving Feast

An orange plate holds typical Thanksgiving fare, alongside infused mashed potatoes and stuffing.
PHOTO Bruce Wolf


7 Cannabis-Infused Recipes for Your Danksgiving Feast

Seven traditional Thanksgiving recipes get an infusion of cannabis.

Still finalizing your epic Thanksgiving menu? Don’t stress! This is the holiday that the munchies were made for — with an entire day dedicated to eating and good vibes. This year, if you’re looking for a new way to incorporate cannabis into your celebration (perhaps because you are doing a Zoom Thanksgiving and you’ll be preparing your own meal), these recipes will help you put together an entire meal with the fixings.

But be careful! These recipes were all written with a THC dosage that would allow each dish on its own to provide psychotropic effects. So if you want to add cannabis to every dish in your Thanksgiving menu, make sure to lower the dosage for each dish. It also might be smart to pick-and-choose which elements of the meal you prefer to be cannabis-infused and give yourself a few non-medicated dishes that you can consume with reckless abandon. Ultimately, be intelligent about how much THC you can safely ingest — and be sure to inform whoever you might share your delicious food with that they’re eating cannabis!

Infusing your Thanksgiving feast with cannabis adds unique flavors and good vibes.
PHOTO Dianne Rosete

1. Kush Infused Turkey

This simple, decadent take on a Thanksgiving classic harnesses the complex flavors and relaxing effects of Kush to make this year’s Thanksgiving feast too good to forget, but maybe a little difficult to remember.

PHOTO Alexa Scordato

2. Canna-Mashed Spuds & Stoner Stuffing

It only takes a few simple ingredients, along with some cannabutter, to make these smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes that you can have boiling on the stove while you start cutting up the veggies and herbs that will go into the stuffing. This quintessential side dish combo comes together very easily and makes your Thanksgiving dinner complete.

PHOTO Glory Foods

3. Kief-Infused Spicy Gravy

This hearty gravy recipe has multiple uses — from a nice drizzle on your turkey to a generous puddle on your canna-mashed potatoes or stuffing. Skip the sausage (or use soy sausages) to make it friendly for your herbivore friends or switch out the milk and butter for non-dairy alternatives to make a vegan version.

PHOTO Bruce Wolf

4. Cannabis-Infused Salad Dressings

Make one or all three of these infused dressings that you can put on a salad like the double-seeded vinaigrette or use as a dip for chips or veggies with the classic ranch or tahini dressing.

Edibles Pumpkin Cannabis Now
PHOTO Kimberly Vardeman

5. THC-Infused Cream Caramel Pumpkin Pie

Keep it classic with a seasonal pumpkin pie with a little bit of a twist. Although Cream Caramel is highly suggested as the strain used in the recipe, you can substitute any other strain that might match its buttery, sweet flavor or have a mild, honey profile. You can’t really wait for the last minute on this one. It’s best to make the dough for this recipe the night before you plan on serving it. Otherwise, give yourself at least one hour before cooking time, so that the dough can properly set.

PHOTO Justin Leonard

6. Cannabis-Infused Pie Crust & Apple Pie

Thanksgiving is a holiday where one pie usually will not suffice, especially if you have a large crowd at your dinner table. This recipe is made with a sweet strain that really compliments the flavor of the dish. The cannabis-infused crust is what gives this traditional pie a kick, so feel free to substitute your favorite fruit instead of the apple, without compromising the buzz. Look for an energizing sativa strain that tastes bright and has a profile bold enough to stand up against the richness of the fruit filling.

A cutting board holds butter, cheese cloth, and a pile of shake, someone is preparing to make homemade canna-oil and canna-butter.
PHOTO Bruce Wolf

7. Canna-Butter and Canna-Oil

This is a classic recipe that can be used alone and not just in place of regular better as in ingredient in dishes. You can use a small pat of butter to add a buzz to just about anything from mashed potatoes and corn on the cob to cornbread and dinner rolls. This recipe also lays out how to make canna-oil. Whether you choose to use olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil or otherwise, you can choose how you want to use this recipe to add a special touch to your meal. 

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