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Glitzy Gifts for the Fashion-Forward Cannabis Lover in Your Life

5 Glitzy Gifts for Any Fashion-Forward Cannabis Lover
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Glitzy Gifts for the Fashion-Forward Cannabis Lover in Your Life

Smoke up in style with the help of these goodies.

Let’s be honest: sometimes there’s a disconnect between what’s trendy in pot culture and what’s trendy in pop culture. One man’s gorgeous mandala is another man’s weird, tacky flower, if you know what we mean. Luckily, we at Cannabis Now understand that not everyone’s taste aligns with the trappings of traditional cannabis chic — which is why we’ve put together a little list of gifts that not even your too-cool college freshman cousin could turn their nose up at. Happy browsing!

Mondo Meds Cannabis Powder


Cannabis is an herb, and Mondo Meds’ cannabis powder allows the plant to live in your kitchen like any other herb: always ready to sprinkle over a dish for an enhanced experience! This pretty medicated coconut oil powder is a great way to achieve a fast and functional high. Mondo cannabis powder can be stirred into a drink, dissolved under the tongue or added to pretty much any food, which means you can up the dose as you go along. It’s crafted from Blue Dream, a strain known to keep the edge off and boost creativity, so this powder can be discreetly used during the day to alleviate stress and keep you motivated. Each spoonful contains 5 mg of THC.

Blunted Objects Gold Cannabis Leaf Hoops


Celebrate the glory of cannabis culture with these blinged-out earrings from Blunted Objects. Gold hoops are staples of any jewelry box, but these hoops, which measure 55 mm across, feature a large leaf at the base that significantly adds to their cool factor. We recommend pairing them with all the other gold cannabis accessories you own — necklaces, rings and even more necklaces — for a festival or a party to let everyone know you only puff the good stuff.

Ras Boss Leaf Pendant

$120 — $220

Ras Boss is one of the more unique cannabis jewelry makers on the market because they work with real buds, seeds and leaves. This pendant features not only a leaf, but a tiny cannabis seed as well. The live cannabis plant matter itself is ensconced in resin, preserving it for time immemorial. We’ve always thought the cannabis plant itself was art in its natural state, and this necklace agrees.

Miwak Junior Ceramic Pipe


This pipe is both sturdy and aesthetically beautiful. It’s a great accessory for an outdoor adventure — just make sure you don’t set it down among some river stones, because you might never find it again — but it would also fit in just as well as part of a home cannabis paraphernalia collection. The pipe’s hollow interior chamber delivers a good amount of smoke, but this pipe works best for a few puffs with friends rather than a full smoke sesh.

Custom Grinders Flower Herb Grinder


If you don’t have a grinder yet, there’s really no excuse now. First of all, a grinder is one accessory that can really elevate the smoking experience. Sure, you can grind up your herb with your fingers, but to optimize the burn and get the most out of your cannabis, you’re going to need a grinder. Second, with Custom Grinders, you can have your own image, logo or text design engraved on the lid of the grinder so it can look exactly as you’d like it to. This grinder is durable and sturdy, meaning it can go up against even the stickiest of the ickiest herb.

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