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Meet The Miniature CO2 Hash Machine

Oco Labs SuperC CO2 hash machine (Courtesy of OCO Labs)
OCO Labs

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Meet The Miniature CO2 Hash Machine

Here’s one way to spice up an Advanced Placement Chemistry class.

Proud DIY hash makers worldwide are getting lab-grade CO2 hash out of a tiny desktop-sized unit with the debut of the OCO Labs’ SuperC CO2 extractors — arguably the cutest carbon dioxide hash machine in history.

Medical cannabis patients love potent marijuana extracts because they’re multiple times as strong as the strongest raw flower buds. You can make extracts with your hands, screens, water, or butane, however carbon dioxide hash tends to be much too pricey. Due to the intense pressures required, a CO2 extractor can cost $60,000 per unit, and take up an entire room.

OCO Labs is among the first miniaturize supercritical CO2 extraction down to desktop-size, using 30 years of experience in compressed gasses.

“Our goal from the get-go five years ago has always been to take a very technical process and make it more accessible and affordable to everyone,” says OCO Lab’s Chris Lively.

OCO’s made-in-the-USA, low-cast ($3,200) CO2 extractors are in hundreds of facilities in 10 countries, from home growers who want control their supplies, to large commercial facilities conducting new product testing.

Their SuperC Extractor is as big as a toaster and weighs just 42 pounds making it the world’s smallest extractor — perfect for do it yourselfers, commercial batch testing, and R&D. The system’s motor works with standard electrical outlets running 120 volts, so you can use it anywhere.

OCO also uses a modular approach, so you can add additional capabilities without upgrading the whole system.

“[The cannabis industry] isn’t the Mickey Mouse operation anymore that most outsiders probably think it is,” says Lively. “It’s amazing how so many people are doing so many different things now in the industry.”

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