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Visual Artist Makes Beautiful Pieces with Rolling Papers

Art by Cliff Maynard


Visual Artist Makes Beautiful Pieces with Rolling Papers

One night art school student Cliff Maynard was making a miniature mosaic while smoking with a stack of magazines on one side and a pile of roaches on the other. That evening, something clicked when he began incorporating the pre-smoked, stained pieces of rolling papers into his collages and his art was never the same. After his stoney and brilliant discovery, he urged his friends to save their roaches and donate them to be used as his art supplies.

It’s truly a labor of love with lots of steps that require precision, concentration and patience. He has to sort through a giant pile of papers, find the perfect tone or color he’s looking for and then meticulously trim it down to the exact size he needs before applying it to the piece. Sounds like a lot of work, right?

“It’s not tedious if it’s what you love to do,” he says.

Watch the whole thing for inspiration or skip to 2:12 to watch a sped up demonstration of how he creates his amazing art. The next time you think of rolling up a joint and then tossing out the roach, you may think of another way to repurpose them.

Do you make cannabis art? Share your creations with us in the comments.

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