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Using THC to Enhance Orgasms

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Using THC to Enhance Orgasms

For years, the sexual weed enthusiast has dreamed of the day when science stops messing around with irrelevant ideas like finding alternative fuels or curing cancer and instead, focuses on the development of a cannabis-based product to enhance the belly slapping magic in the bedroom.

However, from a man’s perspective, the initial hope was that this mad science cannabis creation might somehow transform us into a carnal Adonis. Yet, it appears as though the pot labs have subscribed to the philosophy of “ladies first,” forcing those of us from the hairier persuasion to do the best we can with what God gave us, while finding pleasure in the latest creation for the proverbial ganja girl – a cannabis-infused lubricant called Foria Pleasure.

The creators of this new weed-based sex grease say that cannabis is the perfect substance to use as a sexual lubricant because THC can help relax a woman’s tight pelvic muscles, which in turn makes it easier for her to achieve orgasm. Still, some experts are concerned that smearing marijuana on the sex organs might not be a good idea.

“There’s very little research on the safety and effectiveness of products like Foria Pleasure,” said Doctor Sara Gottfried, a Harvard M.D. and OB-GYN. “Some studies show that in animals, cannabis can adversely affect the vagina and uterus, and cause cessation of menstruation.”

Foria Pleasure is set to hit the marijuana marketplace later this spring. Unfortunately, only those living in a legal marijuana state, medical or recreational, will be allowed to purchase the product. In fact, if you do not live in Colorado or Washington, prepare to show a medical marijuana card before being allowed to sample it.

Experts say that although there is not much research on marijuana-infused sex products, some women who have used them say they are effective. “Some women with tight vaginal muscles anecdotally say that it helps them relax their pelvic tone,” said Dr. Gottfried.

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