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Zion Herbals: Pushing the Limits of CBD

Zion Herbals Hemp Flower CBD


Zion Herbals: Pushing the Limits of CBD

Zion Herbals is staying ahead of the curve as they work to improve and perfect CBD delivery systems and flavors through a diverse range of products.

Zion Herbals is carrying their motto, “strictly the best,” into all they do. 

Founded in 2010, the Richmond, Virginia-based botanicals and extracts brand offers a wide range of hemp products, all designed to give users clean, effective and consistent results for an improved sense of well-being. 

In order to maintain control over the entire manufacturing process and ensure the highest quality from seed-to-sale, Zion Herbals sources hemp from their Oregon and Virginia hemp farms. Both farms are located on land that has been untouched for over 100 years, and are completely free of chemicals, pesticides and processed fertilizers. Only bat guano and fish emulsion are used for fertilization. Although they don’t have the USDA certification, all farming is organic and follows a a Rastafarian level of purity known as “Ital.” 

Zion Herbals is the flagship brand of parent company BotanaWay, which offers white label manufacturing and branding services for approximately 40 brands and provides hemp cannabinoid extracts for more than 200 brands. For BotanaWay founder and CEO, David Reynolds Derian, Zion Herbals is an outlet where he can showcase the company’s high-quality extractions via in-house formulations in a variety of delivery methods—from tinctures and pressed tablets to pre-rolls and liquid gels.

“We always offer a higher level of purity and lab-verified cleanliness with less residual solvents then can be found anywhere in the industry,” he said. “Strictly the best is our motto, and that is what we’re known for.”

Pushing the Limits of Extraction

Zion Herbals pushes extraction methods to over 99% pure, meaning a complete isolation of the cannabinoids. Their Delta-8 THC is at 95% purity, compared to most competitors on the market, which rank in the high 80s.  Once purity reaches the high nineties, the oil becomes crystal clear, like water. 

“You can visibly see its cleanliness,” Derian said.

The company’s proprietary extraction process uses multiple extraction methods in order to reach this high level of purity with the end-result being a completely solvent-free extract. 

“The final steps to get to the higher stages are super expensive and difficult,” Derian said, explaining that a greater level of knowledge and understanding around safety is required, as well as additional lab equipment. 

A higher level of purity doesn’t necessarily make for a stronger product. However, when cannabinoids are surrounded by fewer impurities, they can bind to the body’s receptors more effectively. This translates to a cleaner, healthier, and more well-rounded experience. 

“Steps of pushing it to the extreme are costly, but these are things we don’t avoid,” Derian said. “I believe we are a couple steps ahead. By the time others get to where we are, we are going to be on another plateau.”

Refined Delivery 

Zion Herbals intentionally stays away from more recreationally inspired consumption methods, such as gummy bear edibles and vaping. Rather, the company aims to create mature delivery methods, like pressed CBD tablets. 

“We’re trying to forge and develop new paths as a dietary supplement manufacturer,” Derian said. “I think CBD tablets, much like a pressed aspirin, is the future.” 

According to Derian, since these kinds of products are more normalized in society, they also appeal to a broader range of consumers seeking the benefits of hemp.

Delta-8 THC 

All Zion Herbals products are health-oriented, including their Delta-8 THC. Derian was initially on the fence about adding Delta-8 THC to the product line, but after a loyal customer shared how the cannabinoid had helped him manage pain without anxiety, Derian decided it supported the Zion Herbals mission. 

“My mission is to provide natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals,” he said. 

Packaged in pharmaceutical-style bottles, the Delta-8 liquid gels are intended for medicinal uses rather than a way for people to get high. The effects are fast-acting and immensely stronger than CBD.  

Five Fan Favorites

Zion Herbals offers a plethora of products to choose from online. A few favorites are the best-selling CBD Soft Chews, Pressed CBD Tablets, Hemp Flower Jars, Delta-8 THC Liquid Gels, and their line of Element C CBD Sparkling Juices. Pushing the limits and staying ahead of the curve is what Zion Herbals is all about. Each of these products exemplifies their mission to improve and perfect delivery systems and flavors as they take CBD products to a new level. 

1) Citrus Mango CBD Soft Chews
Zion Herbals Citrus Mango Organic CBD Chews

Through a partnership with The Apple Rush Company, a leader in the natural beverage industry, Zion Herbals utilizes their access to large-scale food preparation equipment to make these unique CBD Soft Chews, featuring all organic ingredients. Reminiscent of a starburst, each delicious chew has a sweet Citrus Mango flavor and is formulated to offer a relaxing and well-balanced sense of calm. It’s like a little treat and completely masks the bitter taste of CBD. Individually wrapped, each CBD chew contains 30mg of hemp extract and can be taken as needed. This is a great consumption option if you need CBD but haven’t had much to eat, as the organic sugars act as a carrier and help your body absorb the product. 

2) Pressed CBD Tablets 
Zion Herbals Hemp Extract CBD Tablets

Available in jars of ten, these pressed CBD tablets contain 75mg of CBD each. If you are seeking relief for a specific health issue, whether it’s severe pain or epilepsy, these tablets are an easy way to incorporate high levels of CBD into your diet daily. The precise dosing means you can count on every tablet being exactly 75mg. While there are a few other pressed CBD tablets on the market, you’re unlikely to find any with this high of a dosage. 

3) Premium CBD, CBG and Delta-8 Infused Hemp Flower Jars
Zion Herbals Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower

Zion Herbals’ whole hemp flower is available in CBD, CBG and CBD/Delta-8 THC strains. All of these flower offerings give people a way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a more social and spiritual way. 

Sour Space Candy, Cherry Cirtus, and T1 are CBD-only varietals. The Bubba Kush and Honolulu Haze strains combine both CBD and Delta-8 THC for an immediate calming effect. Whole hemp flower is also available in two CBG strains: White Lion and White Whale. A natural sedative, CBG is a perfect way to wind down before bedtime. White Whale is grown in Oregon and is very frosty with a lot of cannabinoids on the flower, helping clean out your lungs. White Lion is grown on Zion Herbals’ Virginia hemp farm and has an earthier flavor profile. 

This year, Zion Herbals is also growing Goliath, Abacus 2.0, and Peach Mint Kush on their Oregon hemp farm and will be adding these strains to their lineup in the fall. 

4) Delta 8-THC, 20-mg Liquid Gels
Zion Herbals Delta 8 Liquid Gels

The Delta-8 soft gel is an excellent way to ensure you are taking precisely 20mg at a time. To get standardized exact dosing requires precision—something Zion Herbals can claim, thanks to their experience manufacturing for brands on a large-scale. One capsule is a sufficient serving size and is very effective. You can expect to receive the maximum benefits that Delta 8-THC has to offer through an advanced delivery method that is easy to take with you on-the-go. And last but not least, MCT oil (commonly known as coconut oil) is used for the carrier, making these liquid gels a natural, healthy option.

5) CBD Sparkling Juices
Zion Herbals Element C CBD Sparkling Juice

Zion Herbals teamed up with the beverage company Apple Rush to create their Element C CBD Sparkling Juice line and reach a wider audience by tapping into their impressive distribution network. Available in Black Cherry, Blueberry, and Plain, these sparkling juices contain 25mg of water-soluble CBD. The plain flavor is like a sparkling water while the black cherry and blueberry flavors are similar to Fanta.

With no added sugars and all organic ingredients from real juices, these sparkling juices are a fun and delicious way to ingest CBD. Zion Herbals’ proprietary emulsification process makes for high bioavailability, meaning you will feel the effects faster and stronger too.

Quality Assurance

All of Zion Herbals’ products are third-party lab-tested (typically by Columbia Food Laboratories) in order to give consumers complete peace of mind. Current QR codes are listed on each and every product, taking you directly to the most recent lab results for total transparency. 

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