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Strain Review: Blackberry Kush (indica)

Blackberry Kush Strain


Strain Review: Blackberry Kush (indica)

Our intrepid ganja chronnoisseur, Dragonfly, travels the world in search of the best cannabis and evaluates strains ranging from the popular and plentiful to the rare and exotic. She samples each strain in joints, glass bongs, vaporizers and bubblers, whenever available, taking careful notes of the smell, taste, and nuanced effects of each one. (photo by Freebie)

Blackberry Kush is without doubt one of the most strikingly beautiful strains in the entire cannabis genus. Covered in bulbous trichomes, the buds sparkle like dank little diamonds. It shines so brilliantly with frost, one might not even notice its purple accents. Drenched in THC and dripping with crystals, it is one of the frostiest varieties on the scene. This connoisseur strain features mouth-watering shades of color, ranging from light pinkish-purple to deep red burgundy, often all in one precious nug. It is stunning. It looks more like candy than anything that came from a plant. And it’s just as sweet.

Blackberry Kush was created by OrGnKiD, the living legend who was among the first to introduce Kush seeds to the scene. It is a highly-prized pairing of Blackberry x White Rhino crossed with Bubba Kush, and all three of these influences are deliciously apparent. The taste and smell of the Blackberry’s sweet fruitiness are undeniable, as is the coffee of the Bubba Kush. And it would be impossible to miss the frost inherited from White Rhino.

The smell: On the living plant, Blackberry Kush smells deeply luscious. Concord grape, lavender, vanilla, and sage perfume the nose. Once the bud is dry, a gentle fluff brings up the grape, rose, and raspberry high notes, with a layering of lavender and sage. All of this is cradled by a classic Bubba-esque bottom end that gives rise to a hint of Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee in the after-scent.

The dry hit: The dry hit floods the mouth with a lush bouquet of grape, sage, and raspberry, with indescribably yummy, floral undertones.

The flavor: The signature Bubba Kush taste is only mildly apparent beneath the potent berry flavor. One hit creates an atmosphere of grape, lavender, sage, coffee, rose, and raspberry, with a pungent, sweet finish.

The high: BBK injects every cell with peaceful tranquility, enhancing the simple pleasure of doing nothing at all. A moderate pain reliever, it also helps diffuse feelings of anxiety. It is highly introspective; more conducive to daydreaming or meditating than social settings, unless one prefers social settings wherein pretty much nobody talks. That said, even the chattiest of friends will give it a rest after a few hits of this. It’s also worth noting that BBK induces some serious munchies, making this strain a no-brainer for anyone who’s been invited to dinner by someone of questionable cooking skills.

The word: Blackberry Kush is a highly-prized variety; however, its fluffy nugs, coupled with its absence of colas, make this boutique strain a rare find in commercial markets.

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