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Redefine Your Cannabis Consumption With Spark

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Redefine Your Cannabis Consumption With Spark

Maximize the taste and minimize the waste with the Spark portable vaporizer.

As the cannabis industry evolves, more options have become available for consumers to enjoy their herb. Unfortunately, many of them still raise some concerns. Whether you’re hesitant to fork over the money for an expensive concentrate that contains who knows what or you have a moral quandary about contributing to our overflowing landfills with cartridges that will likely outlast us all, consuming cannabis isn’t always easy.

It Starts with a Spark

Known as the “world’s smallest dry herb vaporizer,” the Spark portable vape is changing the game for conscious cannabis consumers. Designed to be discreet, it’s tiny enough to fit in your pocket and minimizes odor so don’t have to worry about attracting unwanted attention.

The goal is for you to take your Spark with you on all of your adventures and not have to worry about bringing along multiple accessories or large items in order to smoke. Hiking, biking and walks in the park are now much more enjoyable when you can bring Spark along for the ride.

With the Spark, you can fully customize your vaping experience. It comes with two mouthpieces and useful cleaning tools, plus it has three different temperature settings and a safety auto-shutoff. And its rapid recharge system provides you with full power after only two to three hours, so there’s no lag time between adventures.

Image courtesy of Sunflare

Vaping at Its Finest

Studies have shown that vaping flower is safer than smoking, as the flower is cooked instead of heated to combustion. Products from Sunflare, including the Spark, are gentler on your lungs while providing a tastier and more potent experience. For active, health-conscious consumers or even those who simply like to relax at home, being able to trust your flower is critical.

Take the next step forward in the evolution of cannabis products: Use the code 20%OFF to save on your order and put some of that hard-earned money toward the quality flower you’ve come to know and love.

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