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CrossFit Athlete Alex Anderson Stays the Course with CBD

Alex Anderson
Photo courtesy Xwerks


CrossFit Athlete Alex Anderson Stays the Course with CBD

CrossFit athlete and Xwerks ambassador Alex Anderson shares his workout and recovery routine — which includes CBD.

CrossFit athlete and Xwerks ambassador Alex Anderson comes from one of the world’s fittest families. The Knoxville, Tennessee native competes in the individual and team events in the global event, the CrossFit Games. We spoke with him about the fitness sport, his motivation, and how he incorporates CBD into his program.

Anderson’s fitness career started five years ago when he left the security of his desk job to start a full-time career as a CrossFit athlete. Anderson described his first year as tough.

“I kept on grinding and chipping away and I started getting some good breaks,” he said.

Within one year, he qualified for the CrossFit Games in 2015.

CrossFit can be summarized as a lifestyle with a focus on fitness. According to, “CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance.”

Workouts incorporate body-weight bench pressing, squats, handstands, shoulder presses, sit-ups and more.

The CrossFit Games “are the world’s premier test to find the fittest on Earth.” The games come in three stages; the Open, the Regional, and the Main Event, sponsored by Reebok. Only the most elite athletes move on; hundreds of thousands of participants are whittled down to 40 men, 40 women, 80 teenagers, 40 teams and 240 masters.

Anderson finished eighth in the world and third in the Central East Region at his first CrossFit Games Open in 2015. He went on to finish as 13th fittest in the world.

Anderson’s swift rise to the top comes as no surprise; he is one of three brothers to compete at the prestigious CrossFit Games. Jacob Anderson competed alongside him in 2016, and Zach “ZA” Anderson took 10th at the Games in 2013. His father, Steve Anderson, won the Masters Men 55-59 Division in 2011.

A bit of healthy rivalry with his brothers helps push him toward success, Anderson explained.

“Competition is something my family thrives on,” he said. “Playing sports and competing is what we have done our whole lives.”

typical day for Anderson consists of at least two (three to four hour-long) training sessions, meals and rest.

“Eat, train, eat, train, eat, sleep,” he said of his training regime.

Anderson typically devotes one-to-two days per week to recovery, throwing in a third session on the days leading up to competitions. He prepares himself mentally and physically for weeks before competitions.

“Especially in those final few days, I taper down my volume and intensity in order to make sure my body is dialed-in, and as fresh as possible,” he said. “Mentally, I stay very focused on the upcoming competition. I am constantly visualizing myself competing and going through the workouts and movements.”

CBD is an important part of Anderson’s daily routine, too. When he heard that Xwerks — a nutrition company — formulated a CBD product, he was excited. He and his brother, ZA, partnered with the company soon after its launch.

When asked how Xwerks products help aid his training and recovery, Anderson said it’s all about supplementing.

“Supplementation is the key for any athlete, [whether] novice [or] elite,” he said, noting that CBD aids the healing process. “Recovery is more important than the actual training itself. Supplementation allows a person to recover property.”

The key supplements found in Xwerks products include CBD, protein, carbohydrates, and creatine, ingredients which “drastically help people recover better, and therefore train harder.”

Anderson knows a thing or two about recovery. Last year, the athlete injured his back during the Dubai CrossFit Championship, but the healing process is going better than expected. His back is feeling solid and he’s ready for the upcoming CrossFit Games Open.

When he isn’t in the gym, he’s hanging out with his family, going to church and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking. His wife and daughter are a major source of inspiration for him

“My family members are the ones who inspire me the most,” he said. “[They] inspire me to train and compete to the best of my ability.”

Anderson advises other budding CrossFit athletes, or anyone with a desire to change their destiny, to “stay the course.”

“Consistency is everything. Training won’t be great every day, in fact it won’t be great a lot of days,” he said. “The key thing is to keep strong mentality and always remember your goals [and] the bigger picture.”

TELL US, do you use CBD as part of your training and recovery?

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